• Space Detectives by Mark Power and Dapo Adeola
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    Space Detectives – Mark Powers and Dapo Adeola

    Connor and Ethan are spending their summer holidays aboard the world’s first orbiting city, Starville (basically Beverley Hills in space!). The amazing space station is bursting with celebrities and the mega-rich. But Connor and Ethan are too busy selling ice cream to see the sights.However, neither of our heroes can resist a mystery and when they discover the space station is hurtling on a collision course with the moon (eep!) they know they need to step in. This is a case for the SPACE DETECTIVES!Can Connor and Ethan find the culprit and save Starville from its impending doom? *** Such a funny and brilliant story, Space Detectives is like an…

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    The Hidden Princess – Katy Moran

    “‘So are you coming tomorrow night, Amy? You could bring Mika in the pram.’ I knew it was a stupid thing to say the second I opened my mouth. Even wrapped in the enormous patchwork blanket I’d spent three months knitting, Mike was still smaller than the Creed family’s ancient and bad-tempered calico cat. There was no way Amy was going to bring her newborn baby to a party in the woods.” Lissy Harker has been trapped in the Hidden halls for six long years. Her father, the Swan King keeping her captive but alive as she is the only one who can open the gateway to the mortal world.…

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    15 Days Without a Head – Dave Cousins

    “The front door slams. Mum’s back. It sounds like a dead body hitting the ground as she dumps her stuff in the hall and goes straight to the kitchen. I hear the thud of a bottle on the table, the crack of the cap, then the slow glug as liquid spills into a glass.” Laurence knows his mum has a problem, but he does the best he can to make sure life isn’t too bad for him and six year old Jay. today is Tuesday, and his mum is in her happy hour, that one hour of good drunk when she will humour Jay and not shout at Laurence, but…