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    The Saddest Kitten – Holly Webb

    Isla loves hanging out at her best friend Hailey’s house, especially since Hailey has just gotten a beautiful kitten named Silky! But someone isn’t too thrilled with the new arrival — the family’s older cat, Pickle. A heartwarming chapter book from the Pet Rescue Adventures series featuring black and white illustrations throughout. When Hailey’s family goes away for the night, Isla offers to “cat-sit”. But to Isla’s surprise, Hailey’s new kitten, Silky, is clearly terrified of Pickle, Hailey’s older cat. How can Isla break the news to Hailey that her new kitten is so unhappy? Me and Spike were hoping to read this one together but its taking a little…

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    Mini Review: Guinea Pigs Online: Christmas Quest by Jennifer Gray & Amanda Swift

    The guinea pigs are on another adventure and this time they won’t be home for Christmas! When Coco finds her way into Mummy’s bag and on the way to the airport, for a flight to Peruare , she is worried what that will mean for Christmas, but thankfully Henrietta and Ben, along with Mummy’s Husky and Fuzzy, are on their way to the import too! Eduardo, Fuzzy and Coco’s friend is tagging along with them too, in the hope that he can finally be reunited with his family. When they get there though the guinea pigs find that the traditional Coca Bean belonging to Eduardo’s family has been stolen and…