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    Guest Post

    Space Detectives author Mark Powers on his Favourite Literary Detectives – Space Detectives blog tour

    There’s something very satisfying about a good detective story, isn’t there? Especially when the ending is revealed and you pretend you noticed all the clues and worked it out yourself. Tales of detectives and their investigations reassure us that no matter how intractable our problems may appear, with the application of a little brainpower (what Agatha Christie’s Poirot refers to as his “little grey cells”) wrongs can be righted, the lost found and order eventually restored to a chaotic universe.  But while we enjoy the twists and turns of the investigation, what brings us back to the detective story time and again is the personality of the sleuths themselves. They’re…

  • Book Review

    The Beastly Pirates – John Kelly

    “There’s a tavern by the harbour  and its called  The Pirate’s End,  where the roughest rogues sit swapping  tales of terror with their friends.”  As a bunch of pirates, you’ll expect no fear, but when this group gets talking you’ll be surprised at what you hear. Their tales hold terror that even they cant convey, sometimes they’re so worried they hardly want to say. They tell the stories of the Beastly pirates, who’ll have you served up on plates. So if you see them I’d keep away, otherwise you might not see the light of day!  *** The Beastly Pirates is a rhyming tale of the deadliest, beastliest pirates around,…

  • Book Review

    Love Bomb – Jenny McLachlan

    “Holy smoke… school actually started seven minutes ago and here I am, playing with Lego. I shake frosts into my mouth, plug down some warm milk and abandon my last birthday presents. I’m actually going to have to run to school. At least I get to try out my brand new Puma trainers… gold stripe!” When Betty lands at the feet of new boy Toby she will do anything – literally anything – to keep seeing him around school. As the two get closer Betty starts thinking about what her first kiss will be like, obsessing about the boy she has suddenly found has pride of place in her life.…