Swim the Fly – Don Calame

“’Movies don’t count’ Cooper says. ‘The Internet doesn’t count. Magazines don’t count. A real, live naked girl. That’s the deal. That’s our goal for this summer’

‘Been there, done that,’ Sean says.
‘Taking baths with your sister doesn’t count, either, Sean,’ Cooper snorts.”
Its summer and 15 year old best friends Matt, Cooper and Sean, have plans like they always do. This summer will consist of being part of the local swim team, doing as good as possible, which isn’t very, at the swim meets and having as much fun as they can fit in. They always have a goal to hit before the end of summer and this summer it involves seeing a real live girl naked. Things should be fun. However when super hot girl Kelly West joins their swim team and Matt volunteers to swim the 100 yard butterfly things seem to become much harder than he envisaged.

I heard this was one of the funniest books around for teen boys to read and I wasn’t sure about it because of the swimming aspect. I expected it to be a book about a couple of really competitive jock guys and couldn’t see how I would enjoy the humour… oh man, how wrong was I?!
Matt, Cooper and Sean are not jocks, they don’t even know why they compete at the swim meets or why they are on the team, it’s just something they do in summer!  This really brought forward the laid back aspect of all three boys and their characters are really what makes this book stand out so well!
The swim meets are a backdrop to the story, the main part of the story though is girls, and lots of them, but lets face it that’s whats on a 15 year old boys mind for most the time! The fact that these three boys think so much about girls and pretty much have their brains in their pants for a lot of the time makes a hilarious book and stupidity makes for hilarious events to happen within the book. Some bits of the story were pretty obvious but I think that’s because I’m a girl and boys will be boys, then again I think the way things are set out make everything a bit obvious to the reader but it makes it even funnyier because the characters are so oblivious!
I had Coop pegged from the start, hes the ring leader of the pack and in a way I’m glad he was and not Matt. I preferred the perspective coming from someone else from the group and not the ringleader. I loved Matt because he was the one with his brains in his trousers the least, even if it didn’t help him be more in touch with what was going on around him!! Sean was ok but he was probably my least favourite of the group, maybe because he was less noticeable than the other two. Kelly pissed me off when we started to get to know her but I really liked Valerie. However… I think anyone who reads this book can’t not love Matts grandfather… he was BRILLIANT! He is the cause for so many laugh out loud moments in this book! The book is filled with many amazing character but Grandpa Arlo was quite possibly one of the best humorous characters Ive come across in a book EVER.
This book will make you laugh, it will make you shout at the character telling them not to go there then it will make you smack yourself on the head when they go there. It is unputdownable (and anyone who reads knows that that is a word!) and gives a brilliant insight to a teen boys mind. I would honestly recommend this book to any boy, in fact I’m tempted to go give it to my boyfriend’s brother, even though I’ve never seen a book in his hands!
Swim the Fly is Don Calame’s debut YA novel. It was published in May 2011 by Templar publishing. It is the first book in the Swim the Fly series, the second, Beat the Band will be released next year and will feature Cooper as the main character. My copy was sent in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.


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