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Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls – Lynn Weingarten

Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls - Lynn Weingarten “I’d forgotten what it was like to be that alone. 

For the ten days of winter break, I drove. I made my way past the crumbling houses in my neighbourhood, the mansions a few miles away, out toward the hills and then back again through stretches of cold, flat land. Up and down the Schuylkill River and up and down the Delaware. I cranked the radio and sang loud. I needed to hear a live human voice, and I was my own best hope.”

When June hears that her ex-best friend, Delia, has killed herself by setting fire to her stepfathers shed something doesn’t feel right. Especially as Delia tried to call her just before it happens, and the Delia she knew wasn’t likely to chose that method of suicide. Things really heat up for June when she discovers that Delia’s boyfriend, Jeramiah, thinks theres something not right too. June is determined to find out the truth, but some learns that it is more complicated that she could ever have imagined. 


I love dark YA books…. and I love it more when they really catch me off guard like Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls did.

This book was actually mindblowing, but not until it needed to be. I thought I knew exactly where it was going for about a third of the way through it. I thought I knew what the twist would be and how things would turn out. I was COMPLETELY wrong. It went off in a direction I didn’t expect at all, but I loved, and then continued to surprise me until the very last page.

I really would love to write this review without spoiling anything but its pretty much impossible so stop reading now if you don’t want to know anything. I am not going to actually discuss any of the plot but I am going to share my feelings upon completing the book and that means I will talk about the ending… not what happens but it might be more than you want to know… just a warning.

There is something frustrating about ambiguous endings to books for some people. I’ve often had discussions with other readers and I have found they are like marmite – you either love them or you hate them. I love them, however I don’t think I’ve ever come across one that blew me away more than this book did. I was let unsure whether the ending was fantastic, or just completely messed-up and I am happy to say now I’ve had time to process it, that I think it was fantastic. I loved what the author did and I loved how it blew me away.

I  think this book was let down by its length to be honest and I have seen other reviews which suggest that it could have done without the flashback chapters it contains… to be honest I agree, I think those chapters could have been delivered in other ways and not as many of the flashbacks were needed to completely understand June and Delia’s relationship. I think without them the book would have been shorter and to be honest it would have grabbed me a lot sooner than it did. With them it wasn’t until about half way through the book that I was moved to not wanting to put it down and begging to find out what happened next.

I would definitely recommend this book, though it is dark and covers some ‘older YA’ topics. Its quite graphic when it comes to sex, which I don’t have a problem with but I know some people do, and it contains more than a few swears , but lets face it, that all probably made me love it more!

Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls will be released on July 2nd by Electric Monkey. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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