Stolen Away – Alyxandra Harvey

“’I hate this town’ Jo complained. ‘There isn’t a single hot guy anywhere.’
‘Hey,’ Devin protested mildly, out of habit. We weren’t really listening; we’d heard Jo give this same speech about a hundred times, and frankly, my mint chocolate chip ice cream was more interesting.”
During the heat wave, in October, Eloise is approached by a handsome, mysterious guy wearing old fashioned clothing, demanding she follows him. When she doesn’t and he walks away she puts it down to a one off but then when she gets home to find the same guy on her balcony she starts to freak out, but Lucas isn’t there to scare her, he’s there to protect her. He offers her protection from a Faery King who is determined to defeat his wife and Eloise’s aunt, Antonia, and keep hold of his reign for longer. Eloise doesn’t know anything of the Fae world, let alone the fact her aunt is in fact a Faery Queen but she knows she is in trouble when she is kidnapped and held prisoner in Lord Strahan’s Roth. Can she save herself, and her Aunt?

This one is going to be a quick review, because while I enjoyed Stolen Away, I don’t actually have much to say! It is one I wasn’t sure about because I don’t get on with Fae books and I have been known to stop reading half way through but this one was pretty damn gripping.
The plot was interesting. I was left presently surprised the whole way through because I needed to know what was going on, if the bad guy was going to be defeated and if everyone was going to be saved. I liked the plot but I thought it was quite rushed so lost a little bit of tension.
The characters were great and whilst I could clearly see them in my mind and I liked them, again they didn’t grab me. I liked Jo and Eloise’s styles, I liked them as people but neither of them really stood out. I also thought that the split narrative was a bit lost because of the lack of distinction between the two characters, I had to keep double checking who’s chapter it was meant to be. I loved Eloise’s mum though, she was brilliant. Also Lucas and Eldritch were really great characters too. I think I preferred Eldritch and couldn’t help but hear his voice as Irish… don’t ask me why. I loved how much depth his character had and how he fit snuggly into the plot.
The writing is what grabbed me and made me not want to give up. As I mentioned I don’t really do Fae books so it needed something to keep me going and Harvey’s writing did just that. I was swept away into the land of faery and I could really see everything so clearly due to the pictures Harvey painted with her words.
To sum up, I enjoyed Stolen Away more than other Fae books. I wanted to give it a go because I read and loved one of Harvey’s other titles, Haunting Violet, and thought it was brilliant. I loved the imagery that came out in the book. It was a quick and easy read and I really recommend it to anyone who enjoys their fantasy and definitely people who enjoy their faery stories.
Stolen Away is the latest of YA novel from author Alyxandra Harvey. It was published by Bloomsbury on January 5th. My copy was sent to me via UK Book Tours


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