Stitch Head – Guy Bass

“It was the night that everything changed. The circus had come to Grubbers Nubbin. Or rather – 

Fulbert Freakfinder’s 
Traveling Carnival of Unnatural Wonders

A most terrifying voyage for the mind and spirit to a world of such unfathomable oddities as has ever been seen

-had come to Grubbers Nubbin.”
Castle Grotteskew stand on the hill above Grubbers Nubbin. The townsfolk keep away. Word is a mad professor creates terrifying creatures up the castle and their cries can be heard every few days. But when the carnival comes to town everything changes for Grubbers Nubbin and Castle Grotteskew, but most especially Stitch Head, one of the castles quieter inhabitants.

I first heard about this book on the Wonderous Reads blog, Jenny reviewed Stitch Head last year and when I read the summary and saw the cover I knew it was one of those awesome middle grade books that I just had to read. I added it to my wishlist but never got round to getting it until I was in Silverdell Bookshop in Lancashire and noticed they had signed copies for sale. I glanced at the book then looked at all the illustrations and realised I just had to buy it. 
I’m so glad I did because I was right with my initial thoughts on this boo, it was a truly great middle grade book and one that will have kids laughing and giggling along. 
Stitch Head is such a wonderful character and he’s so mixed up that you want him to be happy. I liked his mixed up past and his attitude towards the professor, who he was friends with no matter what. It was so sad and sweet what he goes through in the book and I’m glad Creature and Arabella were there to be his friends. Creature made me laugh so much and he was just so lovely, which I never thought I’d say about a terrifying creature with three arms and one eye but I am now! Arabella also made me laugh and it was really funny that she was actually scarier than more of the creatures! 
The book reminded me a lot of a children’s style frankenstein or the professors castle from Nightmare Before Christmas and that was awesome because I love those stories too. I think the illustrations really helped me picture some of the crazier types of creatures and the castle and I think that younger readers will love them. I really think that Pete Williamson, the illustrator needs a shout out because even when my other half, who doesn’t read a lot, saw the pictures in this book he wanted to read it!! 

If you have a reluctant reader of around 11 or 12 I think it would be perfect for them. Its a great book that takes you through a few emotions and has a great story running through it. I understand there is a second book about Stitch Head and I really do want to pick that one up soon. 
Stitch Head was published in August 2011 by Stripes Publishing. My copy was purchased from a local indie bookstore. 


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