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Stick Man – Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler “Stick Man lives in the Family Tree
With his Stick Lady Love and his stick children three.”

Stick Man is living a great life, until one day, when out for a run, he comes into contact with a four legged-friend. There begins an adventure he will never forget. But he’s one determined Stick Man and he won’t rest until he’s back at his family tree!


I have always heard amazing things about Julia Donaldson’s books. They are raved about by many parents. We got the Gruffallo before Spike was even born and I’ve read it many times. Room on the Broom and The Snail and The Whale were bought last year and again, I absolutely loved them too. However, none of them beat Stick Man, and that isn’t my opinion, its Spike’s!

I first read Stick Man when I borrowed it from the library in 2016. I enjoyed it and vowed I would buy it. Then, just before Christmas I saw it in a shop and decided to buy it for her as a gift. We watched the short movie when it was on Christmas 2016 on Christmas Eve but Spike was still very little and didn’t really take it in. This Christmas though, shes taking more in and after watching again on Amazon Prime a few weeks ago she loved it. The movie helped her enjoy the story and since getting it for Christmas, I have read her it 6 times!

She asks for it every night at bedtime and if we are in her room at other times. She loves the illustrations by the super talented Axel Scheffler and spent the day after Boxing Day asking her Daddy to draw Stick Man… he’s not a patch on Axel though!

I love Stick Man too. Its a sweet story filled with fear but with a happy ending. and Father Christmas makes an appearance too. I love subtle Christmas stories and those that look like they might end in disaster but everything turns out ok. I will happily oblige when Spike asks me to read her it as it is just a brilliant story!

Stick Man was published in July 2008 by Alison Green Books. My copy was purchased from a local store.

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