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Stella – Helen Eve

“Everyone wants to hear a story about an underdog, don’t they? A kid with a stammer getting a recording contract; an ex-con winning the lottery. The public’s sympathy might always lie with the underdog rather than the deserving winner, but, even so, I won’t try to deceive you. I’m not an underdog. Far from it. 

Stella Hamiltion is the queen bee. She has everything going for her and when things aren’t on track for her to be viewed the champ, she changes them. When Caitlin is dragged from her quiet life in New York City to England and forced to attend Temperley High, a posh boarding school different to any she has seen before, she knows she’s out of her depth. The most important rules are the ones that aren’t written down and to survive anything you have to stay on the right side of Stella. Not everyone is as enamoured by Stella as she wants them to be but to fight her you must stay on her path, and if you put one foot out of place, there’s a long way to fall.

Stella was an interesting read but only for me hoping to know when it would get to the point. Its not by any means a bad book, but I wasn’t as blown away by it as I know others have been, and I’m not quite sure why they were in all honesty. 
The storyline is bland. I kept thinking that there would be a point to it all soon and I guess there was eventually but it took a while to get there. The point was to show the brutal-ness of high school and how much popularity contests can change a person, how much being someone makes you crush people on the way up and how quickly you can fall once you are at the top; for the smallest of things. The story was definitely a Mean Girls or Gossip Girls kind of thing but in my opinion it was nowhere near as good as Mean Girls because I hated the characters. 
Stella is a bitch from the first minute you meet her. You want to think there is a reason for this and that something must have happened… and in a way it did, but in my opinion not enough. Caitlin was ok at first but her change by the end of the book made me hate her so much that the earlier Caitlin has gone from my mind. Everyone else redeems themselves throughout the book slightly but not enough and I think the only person I cared for by the end of the book was Lucy, and maybe Luke. 
The writing was ok… Stella had a very unique voice but it got confusing towards the end because Caitlin kinda morphed into her and the split perspective became difficult to differentiate. This obviously worked well because of the message of the book but it made it hard to read, especially when you take into account Stella’s family’s names and how they are all very similar and how often they are talked about towards the end. I got confused between her mother and her older sister and her and her younger sister. The writing as well kinda came across as very older-end Middle Grade or younger-end Young Adult and I expected this book to be more older YA. 
The story really didn’t grasp me and I kept waiting and waiting for something to happen. It finally did at the end but it happened so fast it didn’t make sense and that made me dislike the book even more. I think my problems with this book were very personal though and I think anyone who loves contemporary Gossip Girl and The Hills type shows will actually really enjoy this book. It wasn’t for me though, sorry.
Stella was published on January 2nd by Pan Macmillan. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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