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Starring Kitty – Keris Stainton

Starring Kitty“Kitty saw Dylan as soon as they walked into the café. She was at the side on one of the high stools by the little window shelf. Even though she was sitting in, she had a takeaway cup and Kitty desperately wanted to know what was in it. Probably coffee. She imagined Dylan drank coffee, not hot chocolate. Probably proper coffee too, the puny one-shot lattes Kitty drank sometimes.”

Since the minute she first saw her Kitty knew there was something about Dylan. Without being able to forget about her, she provided the best way of forgetting how rubbish things were at home. But liking Dylan came with even more problems. Like it she feels this way, how is she meant to do anything about it. She needs to tell her friends her little secret and soon. With a film competition providing a welcome distraction to all of Kitty’s thoughts, she can sweep them away and not worry too much as she gets to know Dylan better. But when Dylan wants things to move on and meet her friends, how can Kitty sweep that one under the carpet? 


I first read this book last year when it was in draft stages. I wrote a review but never published it on my blog because Keris told me that the final version was actually different to the one I read. To provide an accurate review I thought I would reread the book and publish an updated version of my original review. Thankfully my thoughts haven’t changed and I loved Kitty just as much the second time round as I did the first!

To anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis, it’s not a secret that I adore Keris Stainton’s books, they are fun, full of romance and most of all they are fantastic. Keris always manages to give her readers realistic and completely awesome characters and thankfully after a two year, wait she has given us Kitty.

The thing I loved most about this book was that Kitty felt completely real. She felt like me at that age, scared but hopeful that things will be ok no matter what. She reacted to things in the same way I would have done and I couldn’t ignore that. She was a bumbling idiot around her crush, and then she said stupid things when confronted and, oh my, there’s a part in the book when I nearly lost it because of what happened to her! The other characters had this about them too and I think I loved them all, there was Dylan who was so cool you couldn’t help but feel slightly intimidated by her. She was a little older than the others and you could tell and I liked the idea that part of it was the freedom their school gave them to be wear what they wanted and be who they wanted to be. The romance between the two of them was adorable and it felt just like any first love type of story which I really loved.

The rest of the characters were brilliant too, with Sunny – who I know now is the focus of the second ‘Reel Friends’ book – who is feisty and fun, and Hannah – I really, really hope we get a book about because I wanted to know more about her – who comes across as a bad-ass but really I think she takes things a little more personally than she would like people to believe. Sam was really lovely and I loved the main scene with him in it quite possibly the most out of the whole book because of his reaction. Finally Molly, Kitty’s Grandma, was awesome and I loved her! I wish she was in the book more but I know I can’t have everything I want!

I think Keris did a great job making sure that there was the right balance of funny and serious in order to keep the book light hearted but without going too far, the stuff with Kitty’s mums illness was the most serious it got and it nearly tore me up when her little sister Grace got so upset about all that. When I read the book last year my mum was ill and we didn’t know what was wrong with her. It’s crazy because not long after she went into hospital with a lot of the same symptoms that Kitty’s mum showed in this book and I didn’t even click on until way after I read it that it was the same! Since then my mum has had her diagnosis and Molly gets it dead on in this book – MS doesn’t get any attention and thats why there needs to be more about it out there. I didn’t even know anything about it until I read this book and even then, when my mum got her diagnosis I had to look up more just to find out about it. Everyone knows stuff about cancer but most of the time no one knows nothing about MS and how many different ways it can effect a person suffering from it. I am glad author’s like Keris are at least mentioning it so that more people find out about it.

I could easily sit here all day and talk about how amazing Starring Kitty is, but to be honest, you should just go read it for yourselves because if I did that I’d tell you the whole story. It is fantastic and worth the wait if you are a fan of this authors work. It is a little shorter than some contemporary YA books you find on the shelves but with more to come within Kitty’s world you won’t be left feeling disappointed. I can’t wait to read the next instalment from the Reel Friends and once you read Kitty’s story you won’t be able to either!

Starring Kitty was published on June 5th 2014 by Catnip Publishing. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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