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Spike’s Bedtime Stories #2

Max-the-brave-ed-vere-readaraptorWelcome to Spike’s Bedtime Stories. This was meant to be weekly but we won’t talk about how long ago the last one was… sorry about that!


This post’s collection of bedtime stories were actually read a few weeks ago and have since (mostly)been returned to the library. I love taking advantage of the library for picture books and this library haul had some books I’ve been meaning to read for ages! We read:

Shark in The Park – Nick Sharratt

Max The Brave – Ed Vere

I Wish I were a Dog – Lydia Monks

Five Minute’s Peace – Jill Murphy (Not a library book!) 

Chu’s Day – Neil Gaiman & Adam Rex

Oliver Who Would Not Sleep – Mara Bergman & Nick Maland
I think my favourite out of these had to be Max The Brave (Another by Ed Vere!)… But Five Minute’s Peace is brilliant too!

Max The Brave is about a cat, who doesn’t know much about being a cat… but knows that Cat’s are meant to chase mice. He goes looking for a mouse and low and behold, he finds one! But that pesky little mouse tells him he’s not a mouse, he’s a monster. He also tells him that the monster is a mouse… but when Max almost gets gobbled by the ‘Mouse’ that mouse points him towards, he decides that ‘Monsters’ are much more fun to chase.

I was really amused by this story and thought it gave a good indication of the nature of animals… a fun twist on the predator/prey education for a young child…. and it had an almost Tom and Jerry feel to it!

The illustration was awesome too and I loved the little ball of blackness that was Max. He is incredibly Brave – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

five-minutes-peace-jill-nurphy-readaraptor Five Minutes Peace is brilliant and I love the Large Family books. I remember reading them to the kids I worked with a few years ago and thinking they needed to be in my collection for when I have my own. This is the only one we own but I love how it shows exactly what being a parent is like! I need more Large Family books for Spike I know!

Shark in the Park was fun but I think its one of those books that work better for bonding story times, not bedtime stories. There are loads of visual cues in it and I think it will be a lot more fun when Spike is older.

I love Neil Gaiman and pandas, so Chu’s Day has been on my must read list for a long time. However I was actually really disappointed in it. Its another visual book but also I feel that the story wasn’t as great as others I’ve read and there was a serious lack of wording in it. I’ve read books that are all pictures but I expected so much more from the author as I love so much of his other stuff… maybe his picture books just aren’t for me though.

Oliver Who Would Not Sleep was fun and perfect for bedtime but I did completely mix up his name a lot and it was almost tongue-twister-y so I didn’t pick it up after one read. I did enjoy it but I shortened his lengthy name a couple of times… even with this though, I would recommend!

I wish I were a dog was cute but not very memorable unfortunately and I’ve already forgotten about most of its story. It’s basically a cat thinking that dogs have a better life than cat’s do… but that’s all I remember!

Have you got any bedtime story recommendations?

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