Spikes Bedtime Stories

Spike’s Bedtime Stories #1

Cats-Ahoy-jim-field-peter-bently-readaraptor Welcome to Spike’s Bedtime Stories. This will be a (hopefully) weekly post talking about what has been read to Spike at bedtime during that week.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with spike I started buying her books, naturally. Her bedtime story for about 6 months of her life during her first year was Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone but after that we developed a great bedtime routine and that has involved a book pretty much everyday since.

This means there are loads of books that I read last year that didn’t make it onto the blog and didn’t even get recorded on my Goodreads profile. This year I am going to change that. However I don’t think I can manage a full review for each of the books so this weekly overview should give me enough chance to discuss the highs and lows of the reding week!

This week Spike had lots of awesome books. We’d been to the library just before Christmas and as I was focused on her Christmas books many of those ones were left untouched. We read:

Cats Ahoy – Peter Bently & Jim Field

Cuddle Bear – Claire Freedman & Gavin Scott

Moon Rabbit – Natalie Russell

Penguin on Holiday – Saline Yoon

Summer Story – Jill Barklem

Bedtime for Monsters – Ed Vere
I think my favourite out of these had to be either Cat’s Ahoy or Bedtime for Monsters – which is good as Cats Ahoy is actually one she got for Christmas so I’ll get to read it lots!

bedtime-for-monsters-ed-were-readaraptorIts a fantastically funny tale of cat pirates that go out and get themselves a whole boat full of fish and feast for three days. The town is full of gossip about this ship and the smugglers of it and when the cats come back their owners are convinced they had something to do with it but they all look at them with that deadpan look that cats have and slink away.

Cuddle Bear was cute but a bit bland and Moon Rabbit was an adorable story of how you shouldn’t change for anyone and soon enough you will find someone who makes the perfect friend who will love you for being you – at least thats what I got from it!

Penguin on holiday was my least favourite book of the week. The story just didn’t make much sense but I did like the pictures – great for a picture book but not so much for a bedtime story!

The Summer Story was a reread as I actually read this to Spike a few weeks after she was born over a few nights. I forgot how long it is and Spike was well and truly asleep and snoring half way through but I enjoyed it. The Brambly Hedge stories are really sweet and I’m glad my sister wanted to share them with her niece so bought a set for her!

Like i said Bedtime for Monsters was amazing and I really enjoyed it. It was so cute because it sounds scary but you know it can’t be scary cos its a kids book… I think this is one of the few library books that I grab in the middle of the day to read to her as I think you can make it even more fun by acting out the actions!

What did you read to your little ones this week?

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