Specials – Scott Westerfeld

“As she moved, Tally found it was easier to dance, going with the crowd’s motion rather than forcing a path through it. she allowed herself to be pushed randomly through the throng, like when she let high wind current guide her hoverboard, imagining herself a bird of prey.
Closing her eyes, Tally drank the bash in through her other sense. Maybe this was what being special was really about; dancing along with the rest of them, while feeling like the only real person in the crowd…”

**This review may contain spoilers of the previous books in the series, Uglies & Pretties, Sorry about this but its virtually impossible to prevent!**

Tally Youngblood has been through a lot. Wanting to become a pretty led her to the wild and that changed her mind. Until she had no choice but to become a pretty. Then escaping the pretty world led her to a dangerous place, a capture and a force into becoming something scarier; a Special. Specials picks up the Uglies series here. Tally has just become a “cutter,” a special special, a dangerous weapon for special circumstance.
Specials finds Tally making difficult decisions, wanting everything but realising its so hard to get what you want, and sometimes its just not possible. Tally faces more danger than ever before, more life changing decisions to be made, more gut feelings that just don’t make much sense to her.
I love this series, I’m not gunna deny that. I am obsessed with this series. I think its amazing and the characters are just so real. Tally is a normal confused sixteen year old, not helped by the fact she’s had alterations to her brain! Specials brought Tally even closer as a character. I really felt what she was going through and I couldn’t believe that crying just wasn’t in her. This book also featured the first actual hate of the series. I wont go into much detail but there is one character I cannot stand at all. I think that they are awful, even when they become cured. I think the cutters were meant for you not to like them, I really didn’t feel that connected to the cutters, feeling more connected to Tally when she was fighting against the thoughts that came with being a cutter and feeling sorry for her when she was stuck inside the feelings.
I loved the ending to this book too, it came as a shock a bit. I liked it though, I like how it shows how strong Tally is. Specials also tells us what the time frame is, kind of. I liked that its in the future and you can see how “our world” failed and how things changed but I didn’t want it to be too far into the future. I was happy when I read the time period.
I recommend this series to everyone I talk to. I love the characters, the world, the technology (even if its not used for good sometimes!) and the way its written. I was going to start Extras straight away but I don’t want to finish the series yet! I’ll have to read it soon though! I’ll definitely be picking up more from Scott Westerfeld once I’ve finished the series too! 
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