Soul Fire – Kate Harrison

***Whilst I have taken great care not to spoil any of the story in this review please take note that this is book 2 of the Soul Beach series so therefore may contain spoilers for book 1.***

“Another Death is coming, I can feel it. 

Maybe I gained a sixth sense when I decided I would be the last person to hold Meggie Forster. The last person to touch her skin. The last to brush her hair. 
It wasn’t murder. I was protecting her from the others, the ones who wanted to exploit her face, her name, her soul.”
Ever since Alice’s sister Meggie was murdered, she has been spending her time on Soul Beach, a website where she can connect with the dead; with young people like her sister who died before their time and whose deaths are unresolved. Spending time on the beach means time with her sister and her new friends Danny and Javier. However Alice’s mum isn’t impressed with the amount of time Alice is spending online and when Meggie’s boyfriend appears to have committed suicide her mum thinks the turmoil is over and they all need to move on. Alice’s computer privileges are taken away and Alice still isn’t convinced it’s all over, because Tim wasn’t the killer but no-one other than Alice believes that to be true and she’s on her own to discover the truth. 

OK let me start off by saying I NEED BOOK THREE NOW! Seriously, how could you do this to me Kate Harrison, I adored the whole of Soul Fire but I can’t believe you haven’t given much away and I need to know things, I need to know them now!! 
The story was amazing, Alice is coping with her sisters death by not coping with it at all, she accesses Soul Beach every night and chats with her sister, she’s even started a relationship with a guy on the beach even though he’s dead and made friends with others! Its a strange situation to be in and Alice appears to be addicted to the site. I loved the discovery of another important website – Burning Truths – and its importance in the story. I loved the chase trying to discover who was behind it and I loved finding out more about the person. I also loved the more realistic aspects of the book, about how Alice had to go out and try and be a normal teen because she couldn’t get on the computer to escape anymore. Then Tim’s death added something even bigger to the overall direction of the series and although I knew he was innocent it made me realise just how much danger Alice was in. 
The killer of Meggie and Tim is close to Alice in this book, i’m certain of it and I loved the little snippets we get from them again. I am convinced one minute that I know how it is and the next I’m convinced it’s someone else. I have two strong contenders at the end of Soul Fire but one is perhaps too obvious and the other might not even be it either, this series could take a crazy twist that I don’t see coming at any time and that’s what makes it so unpredictable. I was a bit miffed that we still don’t discover the killer in this book but I think thats just because I have to wait for a year for the next! 
The inclusion of Alice helping solve one of the beach’s residents deaths again was really well done and I really enjoyed the addition of a new character to help her with it. Gabe was adorable and I could understand both his reaction to Alice and his reaction to the person who was responsible for the murder of his friend. I liked that the story with Gretchen was included too because it showed that it’s not just Alice who can cause the changes on Soul Beach and things can be resolved without her. 
The characters are really difficult to get to know in this book because you’re constantly thinking ‘was it you?’ Alice isn’t a really deep character but you can understand why she is how she is and it must be so hard for her growing up and starting to look more like her sister. Cara really annoyed me as she was just so much of a, well I can’t say what I was gunna say so we’ll just say she’s a bit of a floozy. Ade annoyed me as well and Sahara appeared to have a split personality going on. Zoe was so odd but thats understandable when she was the one to discover Meggie’s body and another of her best friends has just been found dead too. The Lewis… hmmm, he’s an odd ball. I can’t work him out and I’m not sure that his fascination with helping Alice is legit or not. I need to know more about him. 
Soul Fire was amazing and its a great middle of the series book. I cannot wait for the third book because of how awesome the first two have been and I couldn’t recommend this series enough. I would have liked for the killer to have been revealed but enough happens in Soul Fire for you to be satisfied and I think a lot of teens will be as obsessed with this series as I am! 
Soul Fire is the second in the Soul Beach series, it was published on July 5th by Indigo. My copy was sent in exchange for an honest review from the publisher. 

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