Someone Else’s Life – Katie Dale

“’Are you turned on?’ Josh whispers, his breath tickling my ear in the dark.
‘Shh,’ I chide, my eyes glued to the screen as Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore sit at the potter’s wheel, their hands sliding over each other in the slippery clay. ‘It’s romantic.’
‘And very suggestive…,’ he says, a delicious shiver thrilling down my spine at his touch in the dark – secret and sensual.
Is this how it feels?”
Rosie’s mother has just died. She had Huntington’s disease, a genetic disorder which can be carried onto children without your knowledge and isn’t discovered until later life. Rosie thought her mum dying was the end of the world, then she found out Trudie wasn’t her mum at all. The shock hits Rosie hard, especially when she realises that Trudie didn’t even know that Rosie wasn’t her child and she has spent two years worrying that she was going to develop the disease that took her mum, when she didn’t even have to Now Rosie wants to find her real mum and find out who she really is, but what will happen when she is faced with her birth mother?

I expected a bit of an emotional roller coaster when reading this book. However what I expected was much like riding the teacups at the local fair compared to what you get with Someone Else’s Life! Just as you think you’ve got the story sussed and it’s going to calm down and everything will be sorted out, something else gets thrown into the picture, and I loved every second that this book kept me on my toes.
The story is amazingly scary. Imagine your mother dying, never knowing your father and then finding out they weren’t yours in the first place. The story sees Rosie running through every emotion possible and going on an adventure to find out who she really is. The story sees Rosie and others calculating their entire lives and trying to come to terms with news that throws life as they know it out of the window.
I don’t want to say too much because it’ll give the story away. I loved the way that this story was told, in split perspective. I loved the little additional bits onto the end of the chapters towards the beginning of the book and assumed they were one character, but I was wrong and that’s something that really threw me off the scent of the story, in a good way! I loved that there were so many different things going on in the story, yet it was never confusing. You got an insight into Huntington’s disease, you got the story of Rosie trying to find out who she is, finding her birth mother, father and grandparents, then the side of others who have been effected by Rosie’s jut turning up, and then you get love, and lots of it. Love is a HUGE part of this book but whilst you get the love of a boy and a girl a couple of times, there’s also the love of family and friends that is explored and that really made this book!
The characters were incredible, you really get to know them and get inside their heads. A couple of them were quite bitchy and totally ridiculous in their actions, but that made it even more realistic in a way. Rosie was a very tortured character, but she had good reason. Sometimes I thought she was a bit too selfish but then you have to look at what she’s been through for the past two years and even the last month and you get the feeling that she deserves to be a little selfish. I do wish she’d treated Andy a little better though. He was lovely and so deeply in love with her that it was crazy to watch. I felt sorry for Andy so much and he just kept coming back like a puppy, bless him! Trudie is dead before the book starts but what you hear of her makes her a wonderful character, as are Rosie’s Nana and her Aunt Sarah, I loved Sarah and I can see why she did what she did, even if it was wrong. Jack, Megan and Ben were amazing character and such a cute little family. Then you have friends and things like that. Rosie is a bit of a loner after cutting herself off for two years to look after her mum but Holly, Josh and Melisa bring friendship into this book and I loved them for it. The worst and most terrible character in this book had to be Kitty though, I cant believe someone could be so cold and awful, I wanted to hit her for what she did to Rosie, and Jack for that matter! 
The best thing about this book was its approach to Huntington’s disease, not many people know about it, about how it effects people and what it can mean for suffers, and suffers’ families. I loved how this book brought it to the forefront and taught me about these things. I had heard of it before I started reading but I didn’t know about it really and it’s something that should be known. Also I believe that so much of the sale price for this book actually goes to a HD charity which is a beautiful thing to do!
I loved Someone Else’s Life. I love that I barely saw anything coming and it was such a hard-hitting story. It’s not an easy read and I shed a tear more than once but I also laughed out loud and sighed with happiness. It’s a beautifully written story which approaches some wonderful yet terrible topics and I think that everyone needs to give this one a go!
Someone Else’s Life is Katie Dale’s debut novel. It was released on February 2nd by Simon & Schuster. My copy was sent to me by the author for review, this has not affected my view in any way. Katie Dale will also be on the blog tomorrow, so don’t miss that! 


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