Slated – Teri Terry

“I run.
Fists of waves claw the sand as I force one foot to pound after the other. Scramble up, slip down, repeat. Fast. Eyes fixed on dunes ahead. Don’t look back.Mustn’t look. Ragged breath; in, out; in, out. Still I run.”
Kyla has been slated. She knows nothing prior to the nine months she has been in hospital, being prepared for the outside world. The memory of whatever happened before is gone, she is 16 and her new parents are picking her up from the hospital. The Government claim she was a terrorist, or a criminal and she is getting a second chance, but Kyla knows nothing of that life and the past hat she shouldn’t remember is haunting her dreams, she can remember snippets and she knows people are lying to her, but who can she trust, who will tell her the truth, and not tell on her for asking questions?

Slated had been sat on my shelf for over a month, maybe two by the time I picked it up. I knew I wanted to read it because the blurb intrigued me but I wasn’t in the mood for anything too futuristic or science-y. I was in the mood for contemporary fiction but even the contemporary I had wasn’t doing anything for me. So I picked up Slated, expecting a slow but enjoyable read… how wrong was I! 
First of all, as I said, I wasn’t in the mood for anything to complex. Slated really isn’t. its a fantastic read that is set in the 2050’s, because of its setting in the not-to distant future is is a mix of science, contemporary and dystopian fiction, one I’ve not seen the like of before. It reads like a contemporary story but its themes and the actions of the world in which it is set – London fyi – mean its more futuristic. I loved the plot line and how it seemed to fit with the world we know now, just a bit more advanced. Kyla is a typical teen, she just happens to have had this procedure and is a bit different from those who have had it done before. 
The mistrust that Kyla feels from everyone around her is well warranted and because everything comes from her point of view you really don’t know what to make of the other characters. I was convinced that her Mum was a baddy but as the book goes on I wasn’t so sure anymore… people are not what they seem in this book and the goody/baddy concept doesn’t fit so well either. The world of Slated is complex and full of terrors. Not everything is explored within the pages of Slated but it is the first in a series so we should get more from the later books. 
There were some characters that I felt a connection to straight away, like Amy and Ben, Tori and Sebastian – even if he is a cat! – but others had to grow on me, like Jazz and Kyla’s mum, and further characters I was suspicious of from the off, Kyla’s dad and the doctor. There isn’t much of a conclusion to Slated so I am still piecing together some of the characters and don’t know if I’m right about any of them yet but I think thats why I loved the book so much. 

The idea about Levos and the whole Slated thing was really well thought out and quite an easy concept to grasp, I usually worry about things like that as I’m not very techy or science-y so I thought it might go over my head but it was explained really well and I liked who it made me think, about what was right and wrong, about weather people should be slated or not. 
I honeslty couldn’t put Slated down. I started it late on a Sunday night – so late that I only read 22 pages. I had work on the Monday, along with household duties and watching a movie, but still managed 290 pages! That has to be some kind of record for me since I work full time and it really says something about how amazing the writing was as I really didn’t even notice how much I’d read in the time I’d read it. The pace was so fast and the story so exciting that I just kept reading and reading. I didn’t want to go to work on the Tuesday because I wanted to stay home and finish but alas these things that get in the way have to be done and I finished it straight after work. All the way through my working hours I was thinking about the story and I think I even dreamt about it. That’s how much I loved it! 
There’s a little bit of romance within Slated but its mostly about the world and what’s happening to these people who are Slated. Its quite conspiracy theory-ish and I think many people who enjoy a wide variety of genres will enjoy this one. It is a fantastic read! 
Slated was published on May 3rd by Orchard Books. My copy was received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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  • Nina @ Death Books and Tea

    I just finished this and liked it-but not as much as you! Great to see that you liked it and the debate about would slating work in real life and would it be ethical is a really interesting once. Great review!

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