Skid Out – Ann Marie Frohoff

“Have you ever wished you could take back a night? Wished you could at least forget it ever happened? That’s how I felt, watching Rachel whiz around my bedroom. My head throbbed and I wanted to barf. Too much booze had me in a black hole and I’d hooked up with Rachel.”

Jake is a 17 year old front man in an up-coming band. He’s well on his way to becoming something big. Aly is his 14 year old neighbour who has just realised how hot the boy next door is… and can’t believe that he’s talking to her, yet alone seems to be quite friendly with it. With a relationship in sight for the two will Aly become jakes new found muse or will she cause problems in the rock stars world?

This will be a quick review. That’s not because Skid Out isn’t a great book, it is, but its only 56 pages long so there’s not a lot I can really go into about it.
Skid Out is the blossoming of a new relationship. The two characters suddenly realise that there is something between them that neither of them noticed before. Their eyes open in front of ours and the majority of this happens over one day. It’s done really well though and you get none of that insta-love thing. They just realise that the feelings are there. The relationship doesn’t even develop that much but you can tell its the beginning of something.
I liked both character but the one downside of this book was that I didn’t get to know them as much as I’d liked. Its only 56 pages and there was just the right amount of information to get me interested and like where I could see the story going but I need the rest of the story before I can commit to liking the characters more.
I really liked the way music was integrated into this book and this is one thing that has gotten me really excited for the rest of the series as I am a huge music fan. When you buy the book you can also claim a free mp3 of “Transpose” by Bad Suns, which features in the book and I love the idea of cross platforming the story like that. It’s a really good song and it makes Jakes band become real rather than fictional.
As I said, its a short review but I loved skid Out and definitely want the rest of the series soon. I am dying to know how this blossom of a relationship grows and to see what it becomes. I have my inklings but I don’t want to share until I know if I’m right!
Skid Out is a self-published ebook and was released in September 2011. To find out more about the series and be in for a chance to win a copy of the book plus other goodies please come back tomorrow!


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