Sisters Red – Jackson Pearce

“As the man watched her, his smile faded. His eyes grew darker, his smile more forced, and he licked his lips in a way that made the older sister’s stomach tighten. She stopped midturn and grabbed her sister’s sticky hand, snatching away the Popsicle stick and gripping it tightly, like a weapon.” 

Scarlett and Rosie March aren’t like other girls; after a fenris killed their grandmother and left Scarlett severely scarred seven years ago they have been hunting and killing the beasts. For Scarlett its revenge, for killing her grandmother, for scarring her so badly she lost her right eye but it’s also a part of her, nothing can come between her and the hunt. However for Rosie it’s just something she does, she knows her sister suffered saving her life and she will be eternally grateful, but she needs more than the hunt, she needs to live a normal life, even if it is just as a side to hunting. 

When their friend Silas returns from a year visiting his uncle, the hunting group is re-formed. And with more and more young girls being murdered in Atlanta, it seems there is the best place for the group to carry out their justified slaughtering. But the Fenris aren’t just looking for girls to maim and kill, they’re looking to recruit, they’re looking for the Potential.


I was drawn to Sisters Red by the amazingly wonderful cover. I saw it on someone’s blog and thought “wow, that’s beautiful!” and yes I know you should never judge a book by its cover, so I read the review and realised that it’s not just the cover that makes this book stand out. It’s the content too.

I was so bowled over by this book that the night after I started it, I actually dreamed about it… though I was a werewolf, which is slightly worrying! Everything screamed at me from this book, the plot, the characters, the amazing descriptions used, especially when describing the emotions and feelings of the characters. 

Let me start with the plot. The two girls have pretty much brought themselves up for the past seven years, with the help of Pa Reynolds, Silas’ dad. They fight werewolves or Fenris’ as they are called within the book, and knowing there are more wolves in the city that’s where they go. I love the folklore of the book, the red-riding-ness of living with the grandmother and wearing red cloaks, and also the way that the wolves have limitations on whom they can turn into one of them; obviously I can’t go into much detail without ruining it so I’ll not say too much! I did kind of work out what was going on quite early in the book, I put links together and thought I knew where it was going but when it turned out I was right, it did it in a way that was more “yes! I was right! That’s awesome” than “well that was obvious!” The pace was just right for the book that I didn’t get bored waiting to know if I was right too, I really enjoyed the revelations and the way they came about.

I also loved the characters in the book. It’s obvious that both sisters have some serious issues, but you can tell that they are closest, most loving sisters ever!  I have to admit I think Scarlett was my favourite of the two. If you read my blog a lot you will know that I love kick-ass girls, they are always the best characters,  and how much more kick-ass can you get than a one-eyed, scarred up eighteen year old who slaughters werewolves for a living (maybe not so much a living as it doesn’t pay but name!). Silas was pretty cool too, especially the bit when he has his top off! Hehe.

I really enjoy split narratives in novels. I think with Sisters Red it definitely worked well because you got both of the girl’s stories, both of their thoughts and feelings and viewed them as separate entities. I really liked that the girls were so similar, but so so different too!
All in all, Sisters Red was an amazing story, packed with serious action, a bit of romance and some serious sisterly love. It was so good I was even thinking about it in my sleep, so come on… you have to go out and read it now!

Sisters Red is Jackson (who is a woman, country to what I believed & how I made a fool of myself on Twitter!) Pearce’s second novel, a companion novel, Sweetly, is due out in the UK in October 2011. Sisters Red is available to buy here.


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