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Sister Assassin – Kiersten White

Seven Years Ago

My dress is black and itchy and I hate it. I want to peel it off and I want to kick Aunt Ellen for making me wear it. It’s too short, too, my legs in white tights stretching out too long under the hem. I haven’t worn this dress in two years, not since I was nine, and I hated it then, too.
Annie’s dress is just as stupid as mine, but at least she can’t see how dumb we look. I can. I don’t want to be embarrassed today. Today is for being sad. But I am sad and embarrassed and uncomfortable, too.”

Fia and Annie are special. Annie has been blind since she was very young, Fia is the youngest but since their parents died looks after Annie. The girls live within the confines of The Keane Foundation School, a school dedicated to the teaching of girls who are different, girls like Annie who can see the future, and like Fia who doesn’t appear to be special but is. Fia has never trusted the school and over the last few years she and Annie have both been given reason not to. Now Annie is kept like a prisoner whilst Fia is made to do things for Mr Keane, things that could get her into serious trouble. 

I really enjoyed Sister Assassin, it was action packed and sinister but also a quick, fun read and reminded me of The Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter but with powers! 
The story is a bit of an odd one. Its told in present day from two points of view but with flashbacks to previous years from both of those povs. Annie and Fia share the narrative with Annie’s narrative weighing a bit heavier. This meant that the story and the background to the story was a bit muddled and you had to piece things together, but I still really enjoyed it. There was intrigue underlying everything and I wanted to know why things were playing out the way they were doing and where they would go next. I really enjoyed the twist at the end of the book and how each characters abilities came into play for the story. The abilities of the different characters were fascinating and I really loved that science got involved a bit too without being really overwhelming. 
The characters weren’t really anything special. James was a bit too illusive for me to enjoy and I thought he was a bit smarmy. Adam was interesting on the surface but as we didn’t get a lot of him I want to know more before I make up my mind. I have read a few reviews which say the girls come across whiny and annoying but I actually liked both of them. Annie was flawed due to her sight and to be honest I had thought that after living with that disability for over 15 years she would have been more attuned to things than she was but that didn’t both me too much. She was a bit whiny but to be honest she’s been treated like a second class citizen for at least 18 months so she has a right to be. Fia is angry and that comes across very well in her voice. I liked the way she narrated and her feelings came across really well. I liked her but I wouldn’t have liked to know her if you get what I mean. I think she’s a very mixed up individual and things need to drastically change in her life before she can stop being so angry. 
One thing I wasn’t really happy with was the size of Sister Assassin. Its only 250 pages and in all honesty, doesn’t tell a complete story at all. I fail to see why it has to be book one in a series when it could easily be part one of a longer book. The ending didn’t seem drastic enough and whilst a lot happened I could have easily carried it on. 
With that in mind though I would still recommend Sister Assassin due to its readability and kick ass nature. There’s something messed up going on with science, crime and mind powers and I want to know more about it so much that I cannot wait for the sequel, it best be on its way soon Ms White otherwise I may have to make like Fia and kick something! 

Sister Assassin will be published on February 19th my Harper Collins Children’s Books. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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  • Nina @ Death Books and Tea

    Aw, shame it wasn’t better. I quite enjoyed Paranormalcy. And it all looks quite interesting. I didn’t realise it was that short when I requested it-it is a bit of a struggle to tell a good story in shorter books. Thanks for the review.

  • Jesse Owen

    I had a feeling this book would be right up my street and it still sounds like it would be. It’s a shame it’s a little on the skinny side though!

    Fab review 🙂

  • Jim Dean

    Wasn’t keen on this one – a let-down after Paranormalcy, for me – but glad you enjoyed it more than I did. It could definitely have been longer!

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