Siren – Tricia Rayburn

“‘Anyway, this girl is it for you. Food, water, oxygen, sleep – all details. All inconsequential.’ Mark sighed and and looked toward the water. ‘And then she’s dead. Done. Gone. Washed up like a fish.’
My knees gave slightly. Of course that’s where the sweet story was going, but just like the way it really happened the tragic twist still seemed to come out of nowhere, ‘And then what?’ I asked, mostly because Simon was watching me carefully, and I wanted to let him know I was okay.
Mark turned back to us. ‘And then you run. Because the only thing worse than her being gone is that you’re still here.'”

The above is a extract of my favourite part of this book. It shows the beauty of the writing in this book and I love the little story that Mark tells. Its so beautiful and so real, much like the rest of the book.

Justine is Vanessa everything, she’s not just her sister but she’s her best friend and her safety net. Justine helps Vanessa realise that there’s nothing lurking in a dark room ready to jump out at her and there’s no reason to be afraid of anything, and to a 17 year old girl who’s terrified of most things, and exceptionally shy, Justine is the best big sister in the world. So when Justine dies one summer at the family’s lake house, Vanessa doesn’t know what to do.
At home Vanessa finds out that her sister was lying about college, and realises that there was more to Justine’s fling with Caleb Carmichael than she thought. She goes back to the lake house at Winter Harbour hoping for some answers but when she gets there she finds more questions. Caleb has disappeared and there has been more mysterious deaths since she left.
Caleb’s brother, and family friend, Simon helps Vanessa get over her fears, keeping her company, with Simon she can relax and forget about being alone. Teamed with Simon and other winter Harbour locals Vanessa finds herself witnessing a mass of strange deaths in the area, many local men seem to be washing up on the beach, with huge smiles on their faces and no-one can explain it. Vanessa and Simon piece together the clues and work out what’s happening whilst Vanessa also works out some family truths of her own.
Siren is a powerful, capturing story. It keeps you in suspense and has you willing for your lunch hour to be longer just so you can carry on reading! The pace of the book is perfect, as soon as one question is answered you find that 5 more are thrown up into the mix and it keeps you guessing right until the end, and further.
The book is the first in what is due to be a trilogy, so it ends with you still wanting to know more, but as long as I don’t have to wait too long for the next instalment I’m happy with that!
Vanessa is a brilliant protagonist, she seemed so real and I could totally relate to her, she was scared when I’d be terrified, confused when I’d be wondering what was going on and quite when I’d be keeping my mouth shut. Her feelings for Simon were put across so well that I could feel her falling for him and I could feel Vanessa working everything out as I was myself.
I love a good murder mystery story and that’s what I thought this was when I first read the blurb, after reading some reviews I guessed there was a bit more to it but now I’ve read it I’ve realised that there is SO much more to it than that! Its murder, mystery, supernatural, and romance all squelched together and I think that’s what made it so captivating. It really keeps you on your toes!
The characters really help it along, they keep the story moving so well and it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good if for example Vanessa had read a book instead of talking to Oliver, or (obviously) had she not made friends with Paige. I loved that the characters all had their own back story going on that Vanessa wasn’t all that involved in. However I did get a bit confused about the lack of the Carmichaels, Simon and Caleb’s parents, I thought they’d come back into the story at some point but I guess they weren’t an important part of it.
As well as the characters being so independent I also loved that the story featured so many strong women. Often you get one or two strong women surrounded by strong men, or balanced with strong men but this story really focused on women (for perhaps obvious reasons) standing alone, without men there to hold on to and I loved it for that.
I was really enchanted by this story; I loved everything from the characters to the plot, to the little bits of detail. This type of story makes me want to go out there and write my own beautiful creatures and worlds, but alas I’m not god enough so I’ll leave it to the professionals! I would seriously recommend this story to anyone who likes fantasy and mythology; it’s a really amazing read! 


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