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Shipwrecked – Siobhan Curham

“In the pale light of a half moon she dances around the fire, her body swaying and pulsing in time with the drums. With ever jerk of her head her hair whips at the night air and sweat trickles, salty, into her mouth. Let this be the night, she thinks to herself, please, let this be the night.”

Grace and her fellow dance club members are en route to a dream destination; a cruise shop where they are to perform in the chance of a lifetime. But when a freak storm hits they are thrown off course, and with no way of guiding the boat they happen upon a seemingly deserted island. No one knows where they are, they have no way of communicating with anyone and they start fighting amongst themselves. Can they stop blaming each other for the strange things that seem to be happening or are they are too focused on each other to see that the island is hiding a terrible secret. 


With the second book sat on my shelf waiting to be read and no review on my blog for Shipwrecked, I knew I had to get around to re-reading this one and soon. According to my goodreads page I really enjoyed this book the first time round, back in June 2013 but I couldn’t really remember much about the book. Thankfully this time round I enjoyed it just as much and am dying to know what happens next!

The story is described as Gossip Girl meets Lost and I completely understand why. Theres a weird island which has creepy things going on and a group of spoilt rich teenagers, with a few reasonable characters thrown in. I loved getting to know them all and the shift in Grace, the main character, as she starts to see things how they really are.

The story gripped me and it only took me two days to read the entire thing, despite being at work. I was intrigued by the mystery and hoping that someone, at some point would slap Cariss, for being such a biatch. I liked the thing with Cruise and his part in the story and I liked the way Grace became friends with people she wasn’t always so sure about.

This was, like I said, my second time reading the book and whilst I couldn’t remember what happened in the story things came back to me fairly quickly. Things I remember loving in the first reading unfortunately didn’t have as much impact second time round but I think anyone reading the book for the first time will love them too.

One of the things I loved so much about this book, other than the mystery, was the fact that it flowed so well. The way the plot unfolds really was like a tv show and I really enjoyed that. The characters, sometimes unfortunately, did feel very real and I can image people like them around, especially within private school, which is where they know each other from.

I would definitely recommend this series but if mystery with a supernatural element isn’t your thing then definitely check out the author’s other work. She is fantastic and I really do want to shout out form the rooftops about all her books I’ve read so far.

Shipwrecked was published in June 2013 by Electric Monkey. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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