Series I’ve Started and Really Should get round to finishing #5

This is a short feature about the series that I have started and not yet finished. It only applies to series that are out though… I’m not talking about those I’ve read and are waiting for! 
Its been a while since I shared any of these with you because of blog tours and stuff but If you want to revisit my list please go to post 1, 2, 3 and 4.


Numbers – Rachel Ward
I have the second book on my tbr, but I haven’t managed to read it yet. I was really looking forward to it then noticed that its a different main character to the first book (or at least I think it is.) So I wasn’t sure about it. I love the idea of the series and where the first (review) left off but I think I need a boost to get me to read the next couple of books. 


Siren – Tricia Rayburn
I actually didn’t realise that this book was the first of the series until very recently. I have seen the second one, Undercurrent, around on US blogs but not on many UK ones but apparently it was published over here in February under the name Pulse… Siren is another book that I borrowed from the library so I don’t really want to buy Undercurrent for it to sit lonely on my shelf! 

Gallagher Girls – Ally Carter
I actually very recently read the second one of these, when I made this list I had only read the first and was struggling to get the motivation to read the others. I forced the second on myself and enjoyed it but nowhere near as much as the first (review). I have the third and the fourth on my tbr but I need more of a nudge. I have heard (from Cait) that the third and fourth books are very different from the first two though so I’m hoping this is a series that will be off my list soon and I’ll have read it all. However with the fifth book having just come out I may struggle to get it off the list very soon! 


  • Christy @ TheReaderBee

    The Gallagher Girls series is really cute, so far. I’ve read the first book in the series, and I really need to read more. That’s interesting to hear that books 3&4 are different than the first two books.

  • Cliona

    I liked GG 2 more way more than 1! Do read the 3rd though, it’s way better than both of them! I haven’t read either of the other two, but they look fab, must check them out sometime!

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