Series I’ve Started and Really Should get round to finishing #4

This is a short feature about the series that I have started and not yet finished. It only applies to series that are out though… I’m not talking about those I’ve read and are waiting for! 

The Poison Diaries – Maryrose Wood & The Duchess of Northumberland
I loved the first one of this series (review) but despite this and the fact that the second book has been sat on my TBR pile for months Ive still not got round to it. I think I’m worried about not enjoying it as I wasn’t sure I would enjoy the first either. I really want to get round to this one soon, maybe someone could pursued me it needs to make its way to my currently reading shelf! 


The Midnighters – Scott Westerfeld
This series was amazing, or at least the first two (reviews here and here) were. I borrowed these out the library though and have never got round to reading the last. I think I was a bit disappointed with the second and it put me off getting the third straight away. I think I may have to ask my new library to get it in for me just so I can tick this off my list! 


Vladimir Todd – Heather Brewer 
The first in this series was brilliant (review) and whilst I really enjoyed it I found it a little too young for my liking. I want to carry the series on and find out what happens but there are five books in the series and I don’t know how long that will take me! I love the books and really, really recommend them for younger, particularly male, readers! I’m sure I will get round to the rest of the series at some point but if any of you have read them please feel free to let me know if they keep up the awesome! 

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