Series I’ve started and really should get round to finishing! #3

This is a short feature about the series that I have started and not yet finished. It only applies to series that are out though… I’m not talking about those I’ve read and are waiting for! 
Chaos Walking – Patrick Ness
I only recently read The Knife of Never Letting Go (review) then got inundated with reviewcopies of books that needed to be read straight away. It makes me sad to think of The Ask and The Answer and Monsters of Men just sat on my tbr but theres nothing I can do about it at the minute. I need a holiday from work then I’ll be able to read these!
A Series of Unfortunate Events – Lemony Snickett
I read the first (review) of these a few montsh ago and loved it! Two and three are on my tbr and because they are so small I doubt I’ll have trouble reading them, but this is a 14 book series and that scares me slightly! I loved the movie too and whilst I was reading the first I saw a lot of the pictures from the movie which annoyed me a bit!

A Ravenwood Mystery – Mia James
I’m apprehensive when it comes to Vampires in YA since Twilight came out but I really enjoyed this book (review). It actually sat on my shelves for nearly a year because I was so apprehensive but I read it and loved it but haven’t got round to the second one and don’t know when I will. I keep meaning to get hold of a copy of it but I think with a TBR the size mine is I might be crazy adding it any time soon! 


  • Dea S.

    Chaos Walking is one of my all-time favorite series! You need to read the rest of it cause they’re absolutely brilliant. Here’s to hoping you get a break from work and finish it. 🙂

  • Anna @annascottjots

    I am in exactly the same situation with the Chaos Walking series. Just bought The Ask and the Answer when it was on a Kindle deal, so will hopefully get around to reading it soon. I feel I need to get all 3 in pristine hardback copies so they will look beautiful on my shelf though!

  • Cait

    I have a spare copy of the By Midnight sequel somewhere, remind me and I’ll send it to you. I loved the first, but I couldn’t get into the second one for some reason. Never finished Unfortunate Events either, I got fed up of how depressing and formulaic they were! In fact, I’m gonna go wiki the series now to see how it ends…

    I REALLY need toread the Chaos Walking series…it sounds soooo good

    I love these posts btw XD

    The Cait Files

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