Series I’ve started and really should get round to finishing! #2

So last week I told you about my disastrous habit of leaving series’ unfinished! Well Im carrying it on this week with these… Like I said, please shout at me and make me finish the series’ otherwise I’ll never get round to it!  
Soul Screamers – Rachel Vincent
I loved the first book, My Soul to Take, (review) my sister borrowed it from her local library and told me I must read it so I got the first from the library and adored it! But since then I’ve still not got round to the second book let alone the Sixth! The seventh book is due out soon as well!

Caster Chronicles – Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
I read the first two (review #1 and #2) in this series last year and loved them so uch I wanted to buy my copies (I loaned them from the library to read!) The third book, Beautiful Chaos came out in October last year and the fourth, Beautiful Redemption is due out this year. I also haven’t read the short story, Dream Dark that fits in after the second and before the third!
Inkheart – Cornelia Funke
In my defence I only read (review) the first of this series in October last year, but then my friend bought me the second book, in hardback so it matches my first, for Christmas and its still sat there unread. I have had a busy year and the size of it daunts me but I really need to read Inkspell and Inkdeath soon! 


  • Ashley R

    I love this post (and your one last week) because I am completely guilty of leaving series unfinished, too! I try not to start them until all the books are out because I’m too impatient anyway, but for some reason I just don’t follow through on so many.

    That said, Beautiful Creatures and Soul Screamers are two I’ve been meaning to read! That could be eons though at the rate I’m going haha.

    (Though I do have to yell at you about the Hunger Games – you must finish!)

  • Jade

    I tell you what, both Soul Screamers and Caster Chronicles are series that I enjoyed #1 but have totally lacked the motivation to read the rest as well!

  • Hannah

    I need to get back to Soul Screamers as well, and I will, I own books 1-5 (book 6 isn’t released in the UK until Summer!), just so many review books to get to. Think I might explode soon. I’ve read 1 and 2 though and 2 was even better than 1. I reviewed it last week actually!

  • Cliona

    I really want to read Soul Screamers, they looks amazing!

    I didn’t like Inkspell or Inkdeath, but I hope you do when you get round to reading them 🙂

  • Cicely

    I’ve had the 2nd Soul Screamers book since, like, September so I really must get round to reading it! As well as the other Caster Chronicles books…

  • ♥Iffath

    I’ve started Beautiful Creatures, but never finished the book so I should do that soon! Especially since everybody is raving about the books that come next!

    I should start Soul Screamers as well, they look awesome!

  • Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews)

    I used to be very guilty of this too, then I started waiting until series had ended and reading all the books all at the same time. I did this with the Vampire Academy series and it worked out well since I always needed to know what happened next, and there was no waiting around. That said, I’m sure I have a few unfinished series hanging around too… 🙂

  • Vicki

    I’m waaay behind in the Soul Screamers series too. I’m more selective over which I even start now, and I’m unlikely to start series that already have a few books published. I’d never catch up!

  • My keeper shelf

    I’m guilty of this too, I’m full of good intentions when I read and love the first one or two in a series but if there’s a big gap until the next book I forget the characters or storyline and then just move onto the next new book!

  • Sally@Always Lost in Stories

    There are so many great books and not enough time to read them all!
    I do this too with series- I have so many unfinished series started!
    But I love the Soul Screamers series, and I think they get better and better with each book.
    And I love the Inkheart series- so beautiful, and such a great idea. Hope you get time to finish these series!

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