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Scott Pilgrim

OK, so I know it’s what everyone is talking about like its the only that makes the world go round but I have to have my say on Scott Pilgrim too! 
I am, unfortunately, yet to see the movie (I’ll update you on my views when I have seen it) but during the weeks after my birthday (I love free money!) I bought all six volumes of the comics and loved them. Scott is the best protagonist, he’s like so stereotypical as a lazy bum 20 odd year old but I did find myself questioning where the hell he got any money from throughout most of the volumes! The whole idea of the comics is awesome to me. The comics reminded me a lot of another series that I love, Megatokyo, and really made me wish I’d read them years ago when I read Megatokyo. 
The witty one liners made me giggle and the constant repetion of “your evil ex-boyfriends” “my evil exes” from Scott and Ramona was really amusing too. The fight scenes were like some kinda head trip and I loved the gaming features built into the comic, especially when Scott gains an extra life and there’s a Scott head bobbing in front of him. 
I really cant wait to see the movie just to know what sex bob-omb actually sound like that’s the only thing wrong with books…you cant hear the music played within them! although ill probably be really disappointed if its nothing like what I think it’ll sound like in my head! 
Anyway, yeah if you wanna have a bit of a giggle and a quick read I really recommend this series! and also make your local comic shop guy happy and buy them from there. Mine nearly hugged me when I told him I’d been in Waterstone’s then remembered about the comic shop and decided to get them from him instead!
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