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Scott Pilgrim – Movie

So as I mentioned in my blog the other day I hadn’t seen the movie yet. However me and the other half went tonight and if you haven’t seen it yet… Get gone!!! It’s amazing! Obviously like with everything else I’ve read as well as seen it’s not as good as the books but I’m gunna say that, I’m a book geek!
It doesn’t follow the story exactly but I liked what it did with it! And they kept in most of what I love about the books! One bit that I really loved was the body outlines of coins when Scott sliced all the guys at the end just before his fight with Gideon! So yeah it was awesome and I’m buying that baby when it’s out on DVD! I can’t wait to watch it again but I’m poor so you know, not too many cinema nights for me!! Anyway I’m off to sleeps to dream of combos and 1ups!
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