Scatterheart – Lili Wilkinson

“Once upon a time, there was a poor man who had a daughter. She was very beautiful, but she was selfish and vain, and her heart was as fickle as the changing winds. Fir this reason, she was known as Scatterheart.”

Growing up as a young lady in London, 1814, Hannah has become accustomed to getting everything she wants and more from her father. But when one day he leaves for Paris “on business” and doesn’t come back Hannah doesn’t know what to do. Shes faced with two options and the first, most obvious option is one that Hannah is too vain and stubborn to take. Finding herself thrown into prison, she realises that everything she loves is lost. From prison life gets worse as she’s put to work on a convict boat and forced to re-evaluate her beliefs. Can she learn to love life without her precious clothes and fathers money?

Ok so I’ve read some amazing books lately, and Scatterheart is definitely one of them! I cant believe how amazing it was, I was hooked from the very beginning and I honestly think EVERYONE should get this book! SERIOUSLY!
I love the plot and how Hannah’s story follows that of Scatterheart’s. I also loved that we were told Scatterheart’s story as we are told Hannah’s so nothing is ruined by knowing the end of the fairy tale before we come to the end of Hannah’s story.
I will admit, at first I thought Hannah to be a stuck up selfish little brat. Then I remembered what year the book is set in, how she was of “quality” and how she honestly knew no better. I actually felt really sorry for her in one part of the book when she realised she didn’t even know how to light a fire in the grate of her own home. As Hannah grew up, my love for her grew, until the very end when I was practically bursting!
Scatterheart has loads of amazing characters in it, loads. Long Meg was the best characterisation of a low, low class woman of this time that I have ever seen and I loved her so, so much! Even the bad characters were great. I hated Hannah’s father, HATED him, but the characterisation was awesome. I could envisage him so well, even though he wasn’t in the book for very long. And James too, wow, James. I wanted Hannah to have a happy ending and James could give her that, and to be honest he wasn’t that bad, but he did turn into a bit of a douche!
The fairytale aspect of the book was beautiful I loved the little stories which interweaved the larger one and Hannah’s fascination with books, even though they aren’t considered proper fro a young lady of her time. I was hoping for Hannah’s happy ending the entire way through the book and I don’t want to spoil it but it definitely isn’t a walk in the park for Hannah. She doesn’t just find her prince, who whisks her away to a castle in the skies, there’s so much more to life than that and thats another thing Hannah has to learn!
I couldn’t find a single flaw in Scatterheart. The writing was amazing and had one of my pet rats not gotten ill I probably would have read this book within like two days, which is crazy for a book this length (375 pages) on a workday!! (However she did so I went two days without reading! *sadface*)
I actually picked this book because I had recently heard about Pink, by the same author, and though it sounded awesome. I’m so glad that I had heard about Pink because I probably would have overlooked this one out of my choices had I not!
I urge everyone to pick this book up; it’s an amazing tale of a girl who encounters events which seriously change her point of view of life. Her decisions right at the beginning of the book shape her future forever, which at 14 is a scary thought! I really can’t praise this book enough, I’m so happy that I was sent it and I will cherish it forever! It’s definitely one that I’m keeping to re-read!  

Scatterheart is the second book from Lili Wilkinson. it was published by Catnip books in 2007. Thank you to Catnip for providing me with a copy to read and review


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