Scary School – Derek the Ghost

“I suppose the proper way to start an introduction is with an introduction, so… Hello! My name is Derek the Ghost. What’s yours? I know you probably didn’t say your name out loud just now,but I read your mind, and I want you to know that I think you have a fantastic name.”

Welcome to scary school, don’t worry, it’s not too scary, just don’t get a detention otherwise Mrs T the T-rex will eat you for lunch. With Derek the ghost keeping you company you won’t have anything to worry about though… unlike Charles Nukid, who nearly got eaten by not only Mrs T but also the giant Squid when he tried to get to school early on his first day!

This book was such a delight to read. It’s not normally something I would read but when I was offered it for review I thought why not? I did struggle at the start because the book is aimed at a younger audience than I had thought but once I got used to the younger writing I sped through it and loved every page.
The story takes you through a whole year at Scary School, its kind of a group of stories about individual characters which I think will really help keep kids attention when reading it. The writing is basic enough not to be a problem for most readers of around 8 or 9 but whilst also not being too simple so that it’s boring. I the story was really funny in places and I can imagine a lot of kids will be giggling a lot whilst reading this, I know I did!
The best bit about scary school is the visual aids, the characters were explained well but sometimes you need pictures to definitely get in mind what your new found friends look lke and I personally loved Mrs T the T-rex, naturally!!
I really did enjoy this book, its lots of fun and not very scary at all, there’s a lot of death in the book but its kinda of joked about so it’s not too bad, I was a bit concerned for the safety of a lot of the students though!
The one problem I had with the book was one of the characters… it confused me as this character’s name was Frank but pronounced Rachel, I couldn’t get my head around that even though nearly every time it was written it was written like “Frank (which is pronounced Rachel)” It was meant to be funny and it was the first couple of times but I have to be honest that I couldn’t handle it and I think it would have frustrated me at the time… though as my real name is Rachel I can see the joke even more as there are far too many Rachels everywhere!
Anyway, if you are looking for a fun, funny book for 8-10 year old kids to love and laugh out loud to I think Scary School is a great idea. It was a quick read for me but the separate stories in each of the chapters mean that it’s very easy for kids to pick up and put down again!
Scary School is the first in a series of books from Derek the Ghost, it was published in June 2011 by HarperCollins. It is available in hardback but is due for release in paperback in June this year. My copy was sent from the author for review, this has not affected my thoughts on the book in anyway. 


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