Saving June Blog Tour: Hannah Harrington on the song’s that have influenced her

Music has always meant a lot to me, from the time I was a little kid dancing around to my mother’s Whitney Houston CDs to my teenage years discovering my own tastes to now, where I have my old favorites and still am finding new songs to love every day. Like any kind of art, music has the ability to express something we all can relate to, and it can sometimes help you grow.
Here are the top five songs that have had an influence on me personally:

1)      “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks – I was ten years old when this song came out, and I very distinctly remember when I first saw the music video; I was at my friend’s cottage and she’d turned it to MTV (back when they played music videos!), and I thought it was just so cool. Meredith Brooks wore these great boots and rocked a guitar and had a bit of a punk look to her, and I wanted to watch it over and over again! So I think that was the first time a music video really caught my attention—and as a result I started watching music videos on MTV all the time.
2)      “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac – My mom had this live album cassette tape of Fleetwood Mac songs, and there was this live version of “Landslide” on it that I just loved. Stevie Nicks has a gorgeous voice, and you can feel every syllable she sings. This is the first song I can remember feeling really moved by, emotionally, and it gave me a taste of the power of music.
3)      “Heart-Shaped Box” by Nirvana – Nirvana was the first band I was ever “obsessed” with, and it led me to bonding with my Nirvana-obsessed best friend in high school, which led me to finding a bunch of other music and meeting a lot of people.
4)      “Get By” by Talib Kweli – Talib Kweli’s Beautiful Struggle was the first political rap album I ever listened to, and it opened my eyes to the kind of statements music could make. It also influenced me through the lyrics to think more about certain political issues.
5)      “Wonderwall” by Oasis – This is the first real song I ever learned how to play on guitar! Learning how to play an instrument was a big deal for me, since I never knew how to use any growing up, and so this song will always hold a special place in my heart. Also, it’s a great song, period!


Some absolutely amazing songs here Hannah, thanks for this. Bitch had a great influence on me too growing up and I still know every word! I love that a Brittish band (or maybe even two if you count Fleetwood Mac which most people do!) has made its way onto your list too! 
Hannah’s book, Saving June was published yesterday by MiraInk, my review was up earlier this week and you can read that here


  • Ashley R

    Oh. MAN. If I hadn’t read Saving June before, this would totally have sold me on it (in fact, I kind of want to re-read just because of this haha). Those are great songs, and I would be lying if said I didn’t rock out to Bitch even now. Perfect song for a car ride.

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