Sara Grant blog tour: Dark Parties the Movie?

Today I have the wonderful Sara Grant on the blog talking about her dream casting for the Dark Parties movie. I personally would love to see this cast up there on the big screen!! 


I love the Oscars. I stay up all night to watch them live. I have an ongoing text discussion with my friend in the states about everything from fashions to predictions to acceptance speeches. And for some bizarre reason, award programs generally choke me up. There’s something about watching someone achieve their dreams and be honoured by their peers that makes me a bit emotional. And I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been practicing my Oscar acceptance speech since the age of…hmmmm….maybe ten. “I’d like to thank the Academy…”
So the idea of a Dark Parties movie would be whatever is beyond a dream come true. (Having Orion publish my debut novel is a dream come true so a movie deal would be stratospheric.)
It might be difficult to give someone else creative control of my story. When I watch a movie based on a book I’ve read, it’s never exactly what I expect – now imagine if it was the movie of a book that I’ve lived and breathed for five years. I suppose I’d have to think of a Dark Parties movie as completely separate from the book. I’m willing to give it a try. I am all about collaboration (and a red carpet walk!).
Even if some Hollywood big wig had the money and drive, it might not be easy to make Dark Parties into a movie. Dark Parties is set in a society that has closed itself off under an electrified dome for hundreds of years. Its citizens are growing to look more and more alike. They don’t look identical but have a family resemblance. Neva, my main character, explains it like this: “I see myself around every corner — every minute — like living in a maze of mirrors.” For that reason, I didn’t really picture the actors who might play the leading roles – until now.
My first casting call would be to Kevin Spacey. I’d offer him the role of Neva’s dad. I would like to say it’s solely based on the fact that he’s an award-winning actor and has the capacity to play the subtleties in Dr George Adams, but the truth is he’s my favorite actor and I would love to have the chance to sit down and talk to him artist to artist. Okay, it’s more like actor to near-stalker fan.
I’d give my leading lady to Emma Watson. She has the edgy, strength that Neva needs. And after all the testosterone of the Harry Potter series, Emma needs a kick a** leading role.
For Braydon, we’d have to travel a few years back to a time when Jonathan Rhys Meyers had long hair. Then he’d be the perfect Braydon with a mysterious, bold, sexy vibe.
I love a little bit o’ the Glee. I think Cory Allan Monteith could play a convincing Ethan. He’s the boy next door but I think he could add the creepy edge that Ethan needs later in the story. (But he’d have to agree not to break out in song.)
I found Sanna the hardest to cast. I want someone who could exude Sanna’s enthusiasm and heart. She’s got to be loveable but able to play some really tough and emotional scenes. I finally selected Abigail Breslin. The primary reason is because I LOVED her in Little Miss Sunshine. But she’d be about the right age and is a stunning actress. (And she already knows everything about the Oscar experience.)
So Hollywood, whaddya say? Anyone out there want to make my Oscar wishes come true?

Thanks for this Sara, I would love to see Dark Parties up there on the big screen and love your choices! Emma Watson would make an awesome Neva and wow, Abigail Breslin as Sanna! She’s growing up to be an awesome actress, I want this to come true!! 
Sara’s debut Dark Parties is out now in all good bookstores/websites, you can read my review of it here. Don’t miss the next stop on the tour at Carly’s Writing from the Tub, on Wednesday. 

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