Rumours from the Boys’ Room – Rose Cooper

“Consider This a Warning!!!
This is not just any notebook. This is still my super-secret Pre-Blogging Notebook, with all my innermost private thoughts. Well, until they become public when I post some of them on my almost popular blog.”
Sofia Becker, Middlebrooke Middle School blogger extraordinaire, is back! And this time her gossip isn’t only from the girls’ room. The rumor mill is out of control at Sofia’s school, so it’s a good thing Sofia and her super-secret notebook can set everyone straight. Entertaining and funny, this second novel in the BLOGTASTIC! Series by Rose Cooper features super-cute black-and-white illustrations . . . girls will love passing this book around with their friends! (taken from goodreads.)
This was a very cute book, I didn’t quite realise how young an audience it was aimed at when I requested it from NetGalley so I was a bit shocked at first but I can definitely see the appeal it would have for kids of its age range!
Sophia is a funny kid, shes in 6th grade so I think that means she’s 10-11, shes also the Middlebrooke Middle School’s very own Blogtastic Blogger! But shhhh don’t tell anyone! She spends her time tiptoeing around the school looking for snippets of other students lifes’ to post about online. It results in some hilariously funny situations for Sophia and her friends but also some sticky situations, especially in this book when Sophia decides to spend time hanging around the Boys’ room for her information.
I liked that the book is very much centred around the school and sophia’s friends. The only characters we really hear about are her friends and the boys she and her friends think are cute. These are all harmless giggling crushes because of the age of the charactesr and at one point two characters point blank refuse to admit they were even holding hands, which I found really cute!
I think that girls particularly will enjoy this book, it shows the transition period that kids go through at this age really well and I particularly enjoyed the storyline about Sophia’s mum and her soon to be baby brother or sister. I liked the way it showed how Sophia handled that and think it would be a great book for an older soon to be brother or sister to read because of this.
I cant say much about this book, other than that its cute and a lot of fun, its a really funny read that had me laughing out loud and wishing I was ten again! I really would recommend the series just from what I’ve read of this.
Rumours from the Boys’ Room is the second in the Blogtastic series. It was published in the US by Delacorte Press boosk for Young Readers in October 2011. Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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