Rockoholic – CJ Skuse

“’Grandad, do you like The Regulators?’
‘Yeah, they’re good. I can see why you like them, darling.’
‘I’m going to marry Jackson Gatlin one day.’
‘He’s the one is he?’
‘Then Go for it, darling. Reach up high enough, you can have any star you want.’”
Jody is obsessed. Her favourite band is The Regulators, and her favourite person in the world is lead singer Jackson Gatlin. She wants to be a part of his life, like he is her life. As with many 17 year old girls things in life aren’t so sunny, like for instance why her grandad had to die and why her parents are getting a divorce, so Jackson and the band help her through the hard times. Trouble is The Regulators aren’t actually there to pick up the pieces when things go drastically wrong, that’s Jody’s “gay best friend’s” job.
So when Jody goes to a Regulators gig and leaves with more than just merch, Mac is there to drive her home, look after an off-his-tits rock star and help Jody “hide the body” as if were. Jody finds herself with a superstar living in her garage, a best friend with a chip on his shoulder and a local journalist hot on her heels.
Ok first thing I gotta say is how bloody funny this book is. I found myself giggling through so much of it! It’s quite likely that this is because CJ Skuse managed to get the essence of a fan-girl through so well! Jody was totally an amazingly accurate 17 year old music nut and I loved her for it.
Jody’s grandad had just died and we join the story at his funeral. I love that so much of Jody’s grandad was in the story even though he had died; you really get a feel for what he was like as a character and hes so lovely and fun. I want to be just like him when I’m old, and I so want to go out with a bang.
There is so much “awesome” in this book. The characters, the storyline, the pace, the references to things out and about in the world like Queen and Harry Potter; everything is brilliant! The characters are so relatable, even the smaller ones like Jody’s sister and her mum. But I think my favourites will have to be Jody’s grandad and Mac’s sister Cree. Cree is so bloody adorable. I wanted to pick her right out of the book and smuggle her home with me! The way she thinks Mckenzie’s name is Kenzie and she gets mad when anyone calls him by his full name cos he’s “my Kenzie!” I love her, I want her! (but I guess I’ll just have to settle with hoping like crazy my future baby girl is like her!!)
The storyline is amazing too. I am a music nut. I love music and bands and can really relate to Jody when she refuses to believe anything bad about Jackson or the Regulators. I remember hearing that Benji from Good Charlotte was dating Paris Hilton (eeewwww) and thinking “well, he must see something everyone else doesn’t!” However I’m sooooo not near the crazy being-squashed-against-barrier-nearly-dying stage anymore (I have been there before!) and I have never even thought about kidnapping a rock star… ok maybe when I met Billy Martin but I resisted my urge!
I actually didn’t expect Rockoholic to be as long as it was, as in page numbers and thickness, but at no point did I think the pace was slowing or that the story was going nowhere. It kept me wondering how the hell Jody was going to get out of her crazy situation and what was gunna happen next all the way through, whilst obviously making me nearly piss with laughter! Also the references I’ve mentioned like Harry Potter and other real life bands made this book seem really realistic, I actually thought that this kinda thing really could happen. And I LOVED Jody’s version of God, that made me laugh so much! 
I really want everyone to read this book. I knew I’d love it cos of the music references and how hilarious it sounded but, man, I could read it again and again and I would never get bored! It’s definitely a keeper!
I would like to say another huge thank you to Mostly Reading YA for running the giveaway that meant I won a (signed!!! EEK!) copy of Rockoholic and to Chicken House for sending me it with a curly wurly and Rockoholic goodies! Mostly Reading YA is an awesome blog so please go read!! 😀 


  • Clover

    I love seeing positive reviews of books that I’ve read and loved. And I did love this one, especially Cree, who is beyond adorable!

  • Ellie

    We really weren’t impressed with Gousto. We’ve done recipe boxes with Abel & Cole and Riverford and there is the world of difference. Thought Gousto used poor quality ingredients, small portions, they used Yodel instead of their own drivers and we had one recipe that had a bechemel sauce but didn’t include any of the ingredients to make it (fortunately we had everything anyway). I kind of think the only things you should be expected to supply yourself in these kind of boxes is oil, salt and pepper! A&B always send us loads of butter and milk if they’re needed and we always have left over spices to use in other things. Oh and Gousto clearly had a bug on their website which meant my cancellation didn’t go through but they wouldn’t refund me for the unwanted box 🙁

    The only thing we liked about Gousto was the large choice of recipes…but no good if they don’t taste as good as they look!

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