Rocket Boy by Katie Jennings and Joe Lillington review
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Rocket Boy – Katie Jennings and Joe Lillington

Did you know that the sky on Mars is red? Callum Grant does and he knows a whole lot more about the solar system too. But he doesn t know what it would be like to see a Martian sunset with his own eyes. Until one day Callum sets off on an adventure unlike any other An uplifting story about the power of imagination, with full colour illustrations on every page.

When this amazing book turned up on my doorstep I knew I had to read it soon. It’s another title Tiger Group illustrated hardback and its beautiful from the very first page. The illustrations pop out of the book and bring the story to life and I wanted to go and explore with Callum!

I intended to read this with Spike but since homeschool ended, she’s been avoiding books like the plague. I think she thinks I’m going to force her to read them. And it’s a little too long for bed. She’ll want me to read the whole thing! So I gave it a read for myself and loved every page.

Callum’s imagination is alive in this book and he reminded me of myself when I was younger. He believed in his mission and he had fun. I loved how passionate he is about space and I loved that his cat came along on the journey with him when he visited the Moon and Mars!

There are little facts peppered throughout the book which are awesome and I can imagine Spike will want to know so much more about those when we read it together – another reason why bedtime might not be the best time for it! And since she saw me taking a photo of it for this post, she has asked if we can read it together so I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s asking about it all.

I really love the Little Tiger Illustrated Hardback books and I think they’ll be a keeper for a while. Spike isn’t far off resaving independently and I know these are the kinds of books she’ll pick up first so they are great to have ready for her!

Rocket Boy was published by Little Tiger Press on 6th August 2020. My copy was sent in exchange for an honest review.

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