Revived – Cat Patrick

“I’m flattened and thrashing on the sun-warmed track next to the football field, lying on what looks like asphalt but what I realise, now that I’m down here, is actually that fake spongy stuff. It reeks like it was just installed/ There’s a woman kneeling beside my right shoulder, shouting into a cellphone.”

Daisy has died, five times, each time she has died she has been Revived. Revive is a drug, currently in its testing phase, which brings people back after they have died. It has its imitations and every time Daisy dies her and her guardians have to move away and start a new life. When the latest Revive moves them off to Omaha Daisy finds herself getting attached to the place, not wanting to move again she knows that she has to be careful, but Omaha has other things in plan for Daisy and despite her making a real life for herself and falling in love, bad luck follows her everywhere. 

I adored Cat Patrick’s first book, so much so that I was worried about Revived, what if it didn’t live up to Forgotten, what if I didn’t enjoy it? I knew that these questions wouldn’t be answered if I didn’t read the book and I’m so glad I did because I seriously needn’t have worried, Revived was a beautiful and brilliant story. 
Thankfully the science behind Revive wasn’t explained in a lot of detail so that didn’t put me off at all, there’s just one little bit where Daisy describes it as a kind of electric shock coming at you from the inside instead of the outside. Instead the theories behind the drug and its use were explored in more detail, about its limitations and what it can do for people who have had it happen to them. In so many cases if made the children’s lives, who were in the bus crash that were revived when Daisy was four, so much better, but did it really? Daisy is still in contact with so many of them and it appeared so but they were constantly worrying and constantly being watched by the agents involved in the program. The matters of life and death and the problems associated with the drug worked so well and although it was awful I am so glad that the storyline with Daisy’s friend was included, but that’s all I’ll tell you about that. 
The characters were beautifully developed and I felt that I understood and loved them all. Daisy was a bit flaky at first but it was understandable and I loved her once we got to know her better, she questioned things that she didn’t think settled properly and she was very mature for her age, she wasn’t an angry teen who was miffed at being pulled away from every life she had started each time something bad happened to her and that really helped. Megan was an awesome character and I loved the relationship that Daisy and Megan had, especially the blog that the had together, that was great. I also loved that Megan was transgender but nothing major came out of it, and it wasn’t made a big deal of, it was just one of those things. Matt and Audrey were amazing characters and I loved how friendly and lovable both of them were. I think Audrey kinda used Daisy a little at first but I know why and I loved the relationship that Daisy built up with the siblings. Matt was swoon worthy and I couldn’t bear to live without him so I’m glad Daisy didn’t really have to. Mason also deserves a mention as one of Daisy’s guardians, you could always tell that her cared a lot for Daisy and I’m glad you got to find out more about him towards the end which made a few things more prominent and make more sense. I loved that he treated Daisy as an adult and was straight with her about everything as I think he helped shape her into a better character.
The romance aspect of this book is heartwarming but also heartbreaking. Matt and Daisy go through so much together that I just wanted the world to stop for them and let them just be. Things like that don’t always happen though and life rarely has an ultimate happy ending, I did love the way the relationship developed and its outcome though, it made me all sappy! 
The book isn’t all fantastical but it really was high up there on my favourites of this year. It did dip a little in the middle and I saw one thing coming a mile off but it didn’t make me enjoy the book less and I liked the fact I was right so I hope it wont put others off too.
If you are looking for a great love story with friendship, family and a bit of crazy government covert work then Revived is for you. It makes you think about a lot of things and I think it opened my eyes to the way that testing and scientific research works. I enjoyed that aspect of it just as much as I loved the romance and the characters and the friendships within the book and think that its well worth a read. 
Revived was published on July 2nd by Electric Monkey. My copy was kindly sent in exchange for an honest review by the publisher. 
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  • Clover

    I only sort of skimmed your review, because I have mine to write. I don’t know, I think this one fell sort of flat for me 🙁 But I’m glad you enjoyed it more than I did..

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