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Remix – Non Pratt

“It’s not unusual to wake up to at least two or three messages sent by my best friend during the hours all the normal people use for sleeping – today there are fourteen. 

Should I bother taking wellies with me? Sent at 00.23, which is technically the day we’re leaving for the festival. I’m not surprised – Ruby isn’t so much last minute as last nanosecond. 

Decided against the wellies. They make you sweaty. Sweat foot vs trench foot. 

Not that I’m hoping for trench foot. I just googled it. Gross.

She’s embellished this with a particularly helpful (disturbing) picture of a rotting foot.”

When Kaz and Ruby set off to Remix festival they expect to have the time of their lives. Both are getting over their exes and have a lot going on. Remix was a plan to take their mind off things, and live for the moment. But when you need to take your mind off certain boys and they turn up in the same field as you it’s harder than you think. Tensions are created but it’s not just the boys that Ruby and Kaz have to blame as their friendship is tested to the limits. 


I adored Non Pratt’s first book and had high expectations for Remix. It involves boys, best friends and bands, some of the things I love the most. Thankfully Remix didn’t disappoint and I was sucked into the festival atmosphere very quickly!

The story of Remix is told from alternating perspectives with Ruby and Kaz both telling their story. This really helped in the grand scheme of things because it gave both sides of the story and you saw where they were both going wrong and how to be perfectly honest, they were their own worst enemies! I loved the idea of the story before I read it and while it was a little slow to take off for me I did end up really enjoying see the characters grow.

I think the characters, and most specifically Ruby, are easy to dislike at first. Ruby seems very nonchalant and has too much of a ‘I don’t give a shit attitude’ but you soon realise that really she’s as worried about everything as everyone else is and I actually really related to her. In fact I’m kinda worried that Non Pratt stole the diary I kept as a 16 year old because it’s scary how alike me and Ruby were!

I did really enjoy Remix, Non Pratt has continued writing in a very relatable way with an honest view towards sex. I thought the beginning of the book was a little tiny bit slow and it took me a while to really sink my teeth into Remix but I did really enjoy it. I hoped there would be more of a reaction to one thing that happened but I think all of the characters were where I wanted them to be by the end of the book.

Remix was published by Walker Books on June 4th 2015. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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