Really Random Tuesday; My tattoo stories

Really Random Tuesday is a weekly meme run by Suko at Suko’s notebook. It was brought to my atention by awesome fellow blogger Serendipity and although I doubt I have enough randomness to do it every week I thought it would be a good place to post about personal stuff. I hope you dont mind.
When talking on twitter to the lovely Cicely at Ciclovesbooks about dinosaurs and other animals I mentioned my ladybug tattoo and that it had a story behind it. The story is too long to tell on twitter and I thought I might share it with my wonderful blog followers; I’ll try not to bore you!

This is my ladybug tattoo. It’s on my left wrist and has two spots. I got it in April 2007 when I was 18 and I was living with my sister, going to college but having lots of fun. I thought long and hard about what I wanted. My parents had left the country a few months earlier, just before Christmas 2006 and I missed them but I was also loving my new found freedom; so I decided that was what I wanted my tattoo to represent. I thought of everything that represented freedom and it made me think of flying, however my mum is terrified of birds, which would have been the first obvious choice and I am terrified of butterflies; the second obvious choice. That’s where the ladybug came in; ladybugs fly and they are pretty and most of all they have spots. The fact that my ladybug has two spots is no co-incidence. They are for my parents, one for my dad and one for my mum; I was free but it didn’t mean I wanted to forget them!
When I have my own children I will be getting more ladybugs. I am hoping to have two in my future and if it happens I will add to my tattoo by getting tiny, spotless, baby ladybugs going across my wrist.
My second tattoo was done on a bit of a whim, in July of 2008, but it still means something. It is a tiny heart, smaller than a 5p piece on my left hip area. I don’t really wish to go into exactly what it means here. I love it though and I am glad I got it because every time I see it in the mirror or anything I am reminded of a time when things weren’t so good, but were definitely about to get a lot better.
My third and final (for now!) tattoo is on the top of my right foot, I got this one in September of 2009, with some money from my student loan (shush don’t tell my dad!). As you can see it is a music note with hearts. I am a huge music nerd; more so in the past than now I’m afraid but I still LOVE my music. It bugs me that I can’t really play any instruments but music has been a huge part of my life for many years now and I wanted something on me to represent that; so that when I’m old and wrinkly I can look down and remember all the crazy things I did at gigs and how much music meant to me while I was in college and uni. I honestly believe music made some of my life decisions for me; that is how important it is!
I am currently thinking about my next tattoo. I want to get something which relates to the books that I have loved in the past. I currently have two ideas. They are both in the same place; along my right rib, curving across my chest. (the tat shown is one I found online, not my own!) I love tattoos that are there, it looks so pretty! The first idea is for “nomi, gigi” Which if you have read The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman you will understand. It means “sister rescue me” in the sisters’ secret language and I think it’s beautiful, I love the idea because it would link my love of reading to my sister, who is my main cause for loving reading in the first place! However I also think “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” would make a brilliant tattoo, especially there! 😉 and when I’m like 80 I could get “mischief managed” on the other side! Haha (if you don’t know those references then I’m sorry but SHAME ON YOU!!)
I would love your input guys, as I am yet to decide and its gunna be about 4 months before I get it!
Do you have any tattoos? Have they got stories behind them? 


  • lifelyricslemoncake

    Oh – I love the Mauraders Map idea 🙂 Haha I really do ! Do it!

    Hmm I always take the line that I don’t like tattoos, but I was really taken with the ladybird idea too. I think my very first msn name was lil_ladybird or something 🙂

    If I was ever going to get a tattoo- I think it would have to be a Josh Ritter lyric. I would have a difficult job choosing one though – here is one that I love “I won’t be your last dance, just your last goodnight/Every heart is a package tangled up in knots someone else tied” If you are a music fan I really recommend Josh 🙂

    Loved this post x In fact, you may have changed my mind…..

  • Raimy-rawr

    @Becca, Its ok, i found a one I can use instead, I do love yours though! lol

    @Cicely, haha its a great idea isn’t it! I may have to! 😀

    @Lifelyricslemoncake, thanks, I’m still thinking bout it atm but I may do it!
    My parents don’t really like tattoos so thats why mine are small and easily hidden, They didn’t even now about the one on my hip for about two years! the ladybird ideas awesome, I cant wait to have kids just to add to it 😉 lol
    I will be sure to look into Josh Ritter 🙂 that lyric sounds so pretty! 😀
    I hope I have changed your mind, it would be awesome if my tattoos actually changed someones opinion of them in general! 😀

  • Vivienne

    I like the idea of the tattoo on your rib cage. I am not brave enough for a tattoo, but they sure do look pretty. Suko will be thrilled that you took part. Thanks for the mention.

  • Raimy-rawr

    they don’t hurt Viv! 😀 you should get one! 😉 lol

    I’m gunna try out a really random Tuesday every now and then. See what I can extract from the jumble that is my brain, but I don’t know how long it’ll go on for and it’ll probably be a very random occurrence! 😀

  • Cait

    I love the stories behind your tattoos; I always think it’s sad when people don’t have a story behind them!! The HP tattoos sound awesome-I have a friend who wants several HP tattoos.
    If I ever got one, it would be: The Mind is it’s own place, and in itself, can make a heaven of a hell, a hell of a heaven” it’s from Paradise Lost XD

  • Suko

    Raimy-rawr, I am honored that you did my meme and you are welcome to on any “random” Tuesday. Your tattoos and ideas are adorable. I love the idea of a literary tat! 🙂

  • Becca

    @Raimy, thats cos its awesome.

    @Vivienne, getting your rib cage done is interesting, I have one and it wasn’t the most comfortable of experiences! Well worth it though!

  • Sarah

    I like the little music notes a lot! That’s such a cute place for a tattoo too… when I figure out what kind of bookish tat I want, it’ll probably go somewhere on my right foot.

    I have a tattoo that says “Live Laugh Love” wrapped around my left wrist. I got it to remind myself to be happy and optimistic and to live life to the fullest, and I also got it because it was my own little way of proving to myself that I’m still my own woman. My boyfriend doesn’t like tattoos, but I got it after we had been dating for about two years. He got used to it.

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