Really Random Tuesday

Really Random Tuesday is a great meme hosted by Suko at Suko’s notebook as a way to post bits and pieces about your blog and stuff… yeah I’m rubbish at these blurbs!


First of all A HUGE THANK YOU to all my followers. I hit 100 followers on Saturday and I couldn’t be happier! I seriously love that 100 people think that what I have to say is in any way shape or form un-gibberish and Thank you! I will be hosting a giveaway which I will set up probably for this weekend but I have to warn you now… it will run on til next payday just so I can wait and pay for it out of next months money! lol

New Releases
Secondly, a very big happy book birthday to a few authors this week. I don’t usually do this on the blog but as this week seems to be a great weeks for books I have to shout out to a few! 

Two of my lovely twitter friends Zoe Marriott and Keris Stainton have awesome books out this week. I have read and loved both of them and I really recommend them to everyone… though dont ask to borrow my copies… mine all mine!! 
Shadows on the Moon – Zoe Marriott – Walker Books – 4th July 2011

Jessie <3’s NYC – Keris Stainton – Orchard Books – 7th July 2011 

Shadows on the Moon also has a trailer which can be seen here. There is a trailer for Jessie on its way, be patient!
Also there is two more books coming out this week, that deserve recognition in my eyes (in fact tehre are probably more, its just I want to highlight these ones in particular!

Blood Magic – Tess Gratton – Doubleday Children’s Books – 7th July 

Haunting Violet – Alyxandra Harvey – Bloomsbury – 4th July 
Book Buying Ban
I know its shocking. But it has to be done. I went to add books to my TBR shelf the other day and realised that no more could actually fit. Therefore I am banning myself from buying any more until after my birthday on 7th August. I think I can hack a month on none book buying but hopefully at least I might get a few vouchers to splash out on some books to recover. Most of them are my own copies and it saddens me to say that some have been there for months without me reading them yet… It also sucks that I imposed this ban on myself before I agreed to the next thing and I really wanted to read The Bermudez Triangle for it so I am going to have to ask my library to get that for me I think!
Portrait of a Woman’s Lesbian Teen Novels week

This is a heads up for an awesome week which I will be joining in with from July 25th to 31st. Its hosted by the wonderful Caroline from Portrait of a Woman and I cant wait to see what books she has to highlight! 
MFB Under 14’s Only Month

And finally the lovely Liz, Sarah and Mark over at My Favourite Books are hosting a month long Under 14’s only month on their blog. For the whole month of July there will be reviews and posts every single day about books aimed at the 0-14 age range. Be sure to check it out here
So I just made it for posting this on a Tuesday… but I think if I’d started any later it would have been Wednesday! I really must retire to bed and I hope I haven’t bored you silly… I shouldn’t have done though because I’ve highlighted some awesome things on here! 


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