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Readaraptor facelift


I am still around. I know things have been stupidly quiet around here lately, I’m not on twitter as much, I’m not blogging as much because I’m not reading anywhere near enough, and I’ve even become terrible at replying to emails. But I am still here, I promise, and I’m not going anywhere.

I just wanted to share a little post with you about the facelift you may notice when you click into Readaraptor. I decided recently that this lull might be a great time to do something I’ve been thinking about for a while – switching from Blogger to WordPress. Basically I have plans for Readaraptor, which include subdomains and other things that can’t really be done on blogger. Because of these plans I thought the switch was the best thing for me and wallah, here it is.

I hope you like Readaraptor’s new face. Nothing else will change too much for now and in all honestly Readaraptor as you know it won’t change much at all. I will still be sharing my thoughts on books, writing discussion posts about reading and hosting blog tours and guest posts.

The changes will come elsewhere and whilst I get the finishing touches done to the new look and get those changes implemented I hope you will all stick around. I appreciate each and every one of my blog readers and I hope you know that!

One last thing before I go, I need to give two big shout outs to two awesome people. First of all my dad, who has been on the end of many ‘how do I do this and this, and thats gone wrong’ emails and Facebook messages when it comes to the hosting and wordpress stuff with the switch, thanks daddy! And second, to Jesse of, I knew Jesse had dealt with a switch himself and was pretty good when it comes to tech so I emailed him for tips and advice, he saved me many a headache and helped me make sense of some of the technical stuff I didn’t understand, thanks so much Jesse!

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