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Rage Within – Jeyn Roberts

*** Please note that this book is the second in this series and will contain spoilers for the first. You can read my review of the first here *** 

“Greetings and Salutations.
I know you missed me. 
I missed me too. 
What can I say? I‘ve been around. I’ve been seeing everything. Slinking through the streets. Crawling through the train tunnels. Walking across water with my eyes alight with fire. Licking the crud off spoons and picking at the chewing gum on my shoes.” 

Now that Mason, Aries, Michael and Clementine are together they have found themselves making a family of their group, and they aren’t planning on loosing anyone. But this world is not suitable for everyone and there will be casualties and there will be loses. The new world is organising itself and its becoming harder to stay away from the Baggers, who are now advertising sites to provide a safe haven for the uninfected. These sites are not as safe as they seem though and whilst people are giving themselves up freely, the group know that they should be afraid. They are afraid of the Baggers, the sites that have been set up and the fact that they cant trust anyone, because no one is safe from the rage within them. 

As you will know if you read my review of Dark Inside a few weeks ago, I was very much looking forward to this book. I had expectations and in most cases they were met, others weren’t but they will be looked at later in the series and I can live with that. One thing is for sure though, I have found a series that I really love and will be sticking with for no matter how long it takes to come to an end. 
I will have to be really careful not to spoil much in this review, at the end of book one our group are all together, minus Daniel. I was hoping that Rage Within started straight after Dark Inside and to be honest, it pretty much did. The book really impressed me with its beginning as it started with the Nothing perspective that was interspersed through Dark Inside. I was intrigued by this perspective in the first book and the very first chapter in this book pretty much confirmed my suspicions, which are confirmed later in the book. following on from that though we get chapters from three months before the events of the first book. These are from a guy, who I am pretty sure is a character we meet later in the book, Daniel, Mason and Aries and they are pretty terrifying. They foreshadow what is about to happen but they mean nothing without knowing the events of the first book and I loved this way of writing. The story then flicks to three months after the earthquakes and it’s startling to see how much has changed in six months. The events from there are shocking, heartbreaking and beautiful. I wont go into much detail but I loved it all and even cried in a couple of places! 
The characters are even further developed in this book and my love for Aries grew even more… I didn’t think it could! I grew to love Clem too which was good as I wasn’t sure I would. The guys are awesome and both are put in pretty vulnerable positions which are hard to deal with. The girls are pretty much the leaders in Rage Within and they are so kick-ass, I think that might be why I enjoyed this so much! I liked the development of the side characters too and I liked that they all became more present on the page too, except Colin of course… I hate that idiot. 
Jeyn Roberts did really well to build up the suspense and action in this book. The writing will appeal to many, as long as you like third person perspective, however I wish she had chosen more different boys names as I keep getting mixed up between Mason and Michael and their back stories. I was impressed with the writing and the way the chapters were paced though and I think its one of the things that kept me hooked the entire way through. Not all of the questions I wanted answering were answered but most of them were and some things that I suspected were confirmed, so they were a bit predictable for me, but kinda in a good way! I really have enjoyed this series so far and I think its a great apocalypse type story, I can’t wait to read what happens next! 
Rage Within is the second in the Dark Inside series. I was sent the two books from Macmillan Children’s books in exchange for honest reviews. 

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