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Pugs of the Frozen North – Phillip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre

Pugs-of-the-frozen-north-phillip-reeve-sarah-mcintyre“Winter came in the night, like a white sheet laid over the world. It came so fast that the waves of the ocean froze as they rolled. The good ship Lucky Star froze with them, trapped tight in the suddenly solid sea. 

Shen the cabin boy, the youngest member of the crew, stirred in his sleep as the sounds of rippling and splashing faded into frozen silence. He snuggled deeper under the covers, trying to keep warm.” 

When True Winter comes at last its time to race to the top of the world. Its a race that Shen never expected to be part of and that Sika has been dreaming of since she was a baby. But competition is tough and they are by far the youngest and least experienced racers. As they battle snowstorms and sea monsters, the pair have to be brave… At least they have something none of the other racers have though, in fact they have 66 things that the other racers don’t have; pugs to pul their sleigh! Let the race begin! 


I love Reeve & McIntyre Productions. The pair are awesome to follow on social media with Mcintyre in particular blogging about very important topics that are close to my heart! And their previous books, Oliver and the Seawigs and Cakes in Space were both fantastic! With this in mind I knew that when I needed a fun book that I could easily pick up and read here and there between chasing my now-mobile baby around the house, Pugs of the Frozen North would be an incredible read!

This book is funny, fun and actually pretty darn sweet. Its easy to read as an adult but that doesn’t mean its boring or simplistic and honestly the book has a message that a lot of adults could do with remembering… sometimes the things we really want are right in front of us but we just need a fresh perspective to see them! I love the journey that Shen and Sika take because its full of adventure, but also because they go by the most bizarre means possible; pugs!

The illustrations really bring this book to life and I really loved every single one. When the pair meet the Yetis and theres so much going on it was brilliant to actually see what that looked like, and the Snowfather was beautiful – I want a print of him for my wall! However the best touch has to be the sixty six pugs on the inside back cover – all lovingly named… and the one non-pug on there too!

Pugs of the Frozen North is about family and friendships and your heats desire. I loved the story but I also loved the characters. Shen has a bad deal at the very start of the book and I felt for him a lot. I really loved getting to know him and I thought he was the sweetest! He definitely made the book for me… but actually the pugs did that too!

Pugs of the Frozen North was published on September 3rd 2015 by Oxford University Press. My copy was won on twitter.
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