Procrastination and e-books

I’m pretty familiar with procrastination. After 3 years at uni I am practically a master at it. Doing anything other than what I’m meant to be doing. I thought that after uni my procrastination would get better. I’d stop putting things off and just do them. I was so so wrong about that!
I now find myself putting off the most silly of things, the clothes washing, the washing up, the tea, visiting family, reading. Yeah I never thought I’d say that last one either! Procrastination has seriously hit me this week. I have a book from the author, its an e-book and it’s well… you’ll see my review when I finally finish it. I’m putting off reading it for two reasons, one its not thrilling me as much as I thought and I think its also because its an e-book. I seriously hate the feeling it’s giving me because I love reading so much but I’ve done everything today other than read this book!
I have tried to read e-books before and always always put them down without finishing them. I don’t know why but I just find them really hard to get into. I only have my iPhone, no kindle or Sony e-reader, and well its not the best for reading to be honest. Its frustrating to turn the pages and stuff because i usually read the last couple of words on a page while I’m turning it and I just cant do that now.
I think this is the reason this book seems to be taking forever to get through, I am not enjoying the format one bit, I was thinking about getting a e-reader next Christmas but now this is seriously putting me off! Has anyone else experienced this, or have any of you got e-readers which you love, if so why?

I’m going to go and force myself to get this book read and stop procrastinating. I will do it, and if you see me on twitter over the next couple of hours please feel free to shout at me! heh

Update: I finished the book, and the story and writing and stuff got so much better towards the end. When it got better I also started to not notice that it was an ebook… so maybe its the books I’m reading on my iphone rather than the actual Iphone itself. I think I’m gunna have to try a few more to make sure


  • Beth.

    I’ve yet to be totally drawn into the eReader/Kindle thing. Half of me really wants one (they look really good for study/work-related use but I couldn’t imagine them being my thing for pleasure.
    I worked at a Borders before they all closed down and we were trained in how to sell them and they do a hell of a lot more than just let you read books but then, so do all these new-fangled tablet/iPad things.
    I like books, proper books! I couldn’t imagine changing all my books to electronic format like I could with my music…but equally I know some people who still like to keep ‘hard copies’ of all their favourite CDs/records.
    Imagine if you got rid of all your ‘proper’ books and had them all electronic and then it crashed/you lost them all!?! Harrowing!
    I also hate reading off screens but know the eReader/Kindle screens are better designed that ‘normal screens’.
    /End ranty rambly comment 😉 x

  • Stef

    I keep telling the boy that he ever buys me one I will kill him, The feel and smell of books is something that can never be replaced…Don’t care I can carry 100 books instead of 1, i love the books too much!

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