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Prankenstein – Andy Seed

Prankenstein-Andy-Seed“Soapy Thompson woke up with a cucumber on his head. It was large and green and still attached to the bush. He blinked a few times and wondered why his bedroom was so bright and why the ceiling was made of glass. And the walls. 

Soapy sat up and rubbed his eyes. There was a family of woodlice in his hair and his left cheek was encrusted with grotty bits of compost. He was in the greenhouse. Why?”  

Someone is doing some hilarious pranks around Soapy’s town and he just wishes he could be involved. Yet his boring life could never be as exciting as shooting his granny off her stairlift into the ceiling, letting cows into a kitchen and swapping garden gnomes for storm troopers. No, Soapy will have to make do with watching all the action from afar and investigating who’s behind the pranks with his friends. After some serious digging though it seems like the trio have the culprit right under their noses and theres a serious whiff going around which indicates the prankster isn’t quite of this world – it would seem he is a hairy, superhuman figure with a shocking secret! 


This was a very fun read with some hilarious bits dotted about and some great accompanying images. Prankenstein wasn’t the best middle grade book I’ve read but it was a great bit of fun.

The story was quite honestly very predictable. I had a feeling I knew where it was going from the start and it went exactly in the direction I expected. But it made me laugh along the way with some interesting sidelines which I didn’t expect. Soapy’s stint in the school play and the way he got his own back on Venus were great parts of the book which really made me laugh.

The writing was easy to follow and very funny in places. I loved the humorous additions that Soapy’s phone brought to the story and the language barrier between Soapy and the Twince both from the phone on Soapy’s side and because of their limited English. I loved that they still seemed to be brilliant friends despite this though and thought they made a great team. Soapy himself was an interesting character and I really enjoyed Prankestein’s part to play in the entire book.

There was nothing spectacular about Prankenstien. It was a funny book about playing pranks and about how that might not always be as fun as you thought it was. For some reason Prankenstein didn’t deliver exactly what I had hoped it would but I still think a lot of younger readers will enjoy it a lot, and perhaps wish they had their very own Prankenstein lying in wait!

Prankenstein was published by Fat Fox Books on August 27th. My copy was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. 
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