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Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane – Caroline Baxter & Isabela Ciesimska

pilot-jane-runaway-plane-caroline-baxter-isabele-ciesmskaJoin Pilot Jane, a fun and fearless airline captain, as she travels the world with her best friend Rose, a high-speed passenger jet. Together Jane and Rose have exciting adventures and form a perfect team, delivering their passengers safely to destinations as far afield as Alaska and Australia. But when disaster strikes and Rose falls ill, Jane is paired with ‘lean, mean flying machine’ Mighty Mitch. Can she still get the Queen to her party on time? Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for take-off!


I was pitched Pilot Jane for review and I thought it would be a brilliant story to read as it celebrates all things girl power – and I’m all up for that!

When I started reading with Spike though, I was a bit confused as to why Pilot Jane and her plane Rose had to be into the ‘girliest’ of things. They were pick and enjoyed cake and it all seemed a little stereotypical except for the fact that Pilot Jane was a pilot, which is typically associated with men.

Spike wasn’t that into the book unfortunately, but to be honest she’s currently in the ‘if it doesn’t have flaps I ain’t reading it’ stage, so I saved it for bedtime, where she’s too sleepy to care about those. Once I read on I understood exactly why the author decided to do the girly thing when Mitch was introduced.

The story is basically saying that men and women should work in harmony, together and thats what makes things work best. Mitch doesn’t like Pilot Jane because she’s a woman, and he thinks he’s better than her. Pilot Jane doesn’t like Mitch because he’s overbearing and scary, and is intimidated by him. Once they learn to trust and work with one another the Queen is safer, and much happier!

This is a fantastic moral to a story aimed at kids of a certain age because they do think their differences set them too far apart from others. But I also think that while its a fantastic moral for a story, its only telling it to one audience – young girls. There is very little chance that this book will be picked up by a boy because it kinda goes a bit too far the other way and indicates that girls are the best. They’d also be put off a bit by the pink flowery plane on the front cover!

It was a fantastic story, told well by the brilliant rhyming couplets throughout. The illustrations were awesome and I really liked how the illustrator has managed to get a plane to convey emotion! The book tells of different places in the world too and things that are associated with those places and I did like that a lot. Its definitely worth a read, by boys and girls alike!

Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane was published on 8th March 2017 by Big Sunshine Books. My copy was sent to me in exchange for an honest review as part of its blog tour. Catch the next stop at Fiction Fascination tomorrow

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