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Pierre The French Bulldog Recycles – Kate Louise & Bethany Straker

17974272Whilst digging up the items he’d hurried in his back garden one day, Pierre the French Bulldog learns an important lesson about recycling which has him going on a journey farther than he had imagined he’d ever go. Thankfully Pierre doesn’t have to go it alone, join him and his friends as they they go on a garbage truck adventure!

Such a cute book with a very important lessons, Pierre the French Bulldog Recycles will definitely be a hit for parents and children alike. 


The story follows Pierre, a French bulldog, who digs up old items from his garden to make new ones. He chucks the old items in the garbage bin but the recycling bin gets sad about it because it could have had some of the items. Pierre wants to fix his mistake but the garbage has already been taken away. Que an amusing and exciting dash through town to get to the landfill and stop those recyclable items from being added to the stinky landfill pile!

I loved the message that the book has as its a fun way of teaching kids how to separate their rubbish. In this day and age recycling is more important than ever and I plan on teaching Spike what goes in what bin very early on. The story is exciting too with the mad dash across town and I love how Kate Louise manages to get a recycling bin to appear to have a personality!

The pictures were brilliant and bold and I loved them and their frenchness. You could tell were the story was set and I loved the addition of other dogs here and there as Pierre made his way after the garbage truck. They captured Spike’s eye for sure as I read the book to her and I think she enjoyed staring at all the pretty colours.

While obviously Spike enjoyed looking at the pretty pictures this is definitely one for older kids, maybe around school start age, who’s parents want to reach them a little bit of responsibility and help them understand the importance of cleaning up around the house and where rubbish goes. It’s such a basic task that any small child should be able to clean up after themselves (whether they are asked to or not) but it has been made harder by the inclusion of multiple bins – when I was a kid everything just got chucked in the black bin liner!

Pierre The French Bulldog Recycles was published by Sky Pony Press on March 3rd 2015. My copy was won in a giveaway hosted by the author.
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