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Penelope Crumb Finds her Lucky Stars – Shawn K Stout

“Sometimes I worry about getting the BAD LUCK. I don’t know how you catch it exactly, but I guess its a lot like catching the stomach bug. Or getting warts. (Truth be told, if you’ve got the stomach bug AND warts, then your luck probably isn’t so good.)”

Penelope Crumb wants to win back her best friend Pasty Cline, who seems to have ditched her for the awful Vera Bogg. When the chance to spend quality time with Patsy arrives Penelope jumps at it, especially as it involves drawing and painting too, but then Vera joins in and Penelope’s ideas cause problems in the group, and everything seems to go wrong. Can Penelope find some good luck and change things for the better? 

The third book in the Penelope Crumb series was a very welcome addition, with a return to form as a great story for younger readers that has some important messages masked by the brilliant events and humour. 
The story involves an artist arriving at school and asking for help painting a mural for a old peoples home in the area, Penelope obviously jumps at the idea as she loves anything to do with art and is so happy when he ex-best-friend decides to join in too. Then Vera Bogg wants to join in and things seem to be getting worse. Once at the Home Penelope is robbed by an old lady but no one believes her and Penelope is down in the dumps. The story shows a lot about superstition and how it can effect people even if its not true and also about learning to handle other people, no matter how mean they come across or how much pink they like. I liked the idea of Penelope having a hard time learning how to be boss and things like that. 
The writing was just as fun as the earlier books and I loved the humour just as I did with the others. The changes in font and use of bold text for certain things gives the book a very unique voice and I like what it says about Penelope’s personality. I think my favourite part of this book was Lizzie and her quest to find out what being a sister means and her declaring that Penelope and ‘Terrible’ were weird. 
Although I have enjoyed the series I can’t see it going much further now that Penelope has come to terms with things and how nicely her family all seem to get on. I think if the series continues I am pretty much done with it but I can definitely see that a 7 or 8 year old would read these books over and over again so do not let me put you off by saying this. I would be interested in reading more from the author though because I think she understands the age range very well.
Penelope Crumb Finds Her Lucy Stars was published on February 6th by Quercus Children’s books. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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