Passion (Fallen #3) – Lauren Kate

***Passion is the third in the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. Whilst I have taken care not to give too much away; if you have not read the first two books, Fallen and Torment, then this review will contain spoilers.***

“A shot rang out. A broad gate banged open. A pounding of horses’ hooves echoed around the track like a massive clap of thunder. 
‘And they’re off!’
Sophia Bliss adjusted the wide brim of her feathered hat. It was a muted shade of mauve, twenty seven inches in diameter, with a drop-down chiffon veil. Large enough to make her look like a proper horseracing enthusiast, not so gaudy as to attract undue attention.”
Lucinda Price has been through so many lifetimes that she’s lost count. Not that she can remember them all though. She only knows about the ones Daniel, her true love and the man she is bound to because of a curse. Even time they get too close Luce dies, and so she has decided that she has to find an end to the curse, she has to put a stop to it. Through the help of the Announcers Luce decides to revisit her past and find out if anything can be done. However not everything is simple and Luce may change the world forever just by changing one thing, so Daniel chases after her, can the pair of them fix things so that their present day lives are safe but the curse comes to an end? 

Ok so this is the third book and if you’ve read my reviews of the first or the second you may wonder why I carried on reading to the third. Well, there’s something about this series, its dark and depressing and in all honesty I don’t know why I carried on with the first book but I did and the series is a great series, but you have to carry on reading. 
I enjoyed Torment more than Fallen, and carrying on that trend I think I preferred Passion to both of them put together, in fact I loved Passion! I couldn’t get enough of the book and read at every opportunity, even ignoring my other half when he was trying to talk to me, but we’ve all done that right? I had unanswered questions at the end of Torment and really wanted to know where Lauren Kate was taking the story to next but I never imagined this! Passion was so unique and amazing that I didn’t want it to end, I loved every second and I’m so glad that I could see something in those first two books which I liked but couldn’t pinpoint because I think I was foreseeing the awesome that is Passion. 
Passion is a strange one. You get to learn all about Luce and Daniel’s past lives together and a bit more about how the curse came about. Now the thing about learning about characters pasts is that you are usually told it by the character telling another character or another character telling them, either way its usually told. However in Passion you get to see it, Luce travels into her past and witnesses first hand the events which have transpired between her and Daniel, she even gets to feel some of the emotions and what life was like for some of the past ‘Luces.’ I loved the way this was done and I really enjoyed the way she travelled. 
Because of the events in the book a lot of the characters you meet are either the same ones you have met before or earlier versions of themselves… confusing huh? I know, there was one chapter in which Daniel is having a conversation with his earlier self and that really threw me off, it was easy to follow but mind-boggling and like, WOAH! Anyway I really enjoyed seeing the earlier versions of some characters and it helped me understand them. There was a really interesting bit with Cam which was well explained and I was really happy that that bit was in there. The new characters you meet are pretty awesome too and theres even a cameo appearance from Lucifer! I found Bill interesting and the whole idea about the Scale and their passages through the Announcers. I didn’t really trust Bill and thought there may be something about him that we weren’t being told but what came about was really well done and I must admit there were parts when I found him quite endearing. 
As you can tell I did really enjoy Passion. Luce was a little self-centred again which is something that has annoyed me in the past but you can kinda understand when she’s trying to find out why she seems to burst into flames every 18 years or so! However if did really annoy me that it took until page 250 for her to even worry about her parents and her best friend who she’d walked out on at the end of Torment at her smashed to pieces house, I think I’d worry about that earlier than 250 pages in! (sorry if that seems petty but I felt bad on her folks and best friend. It does transpire that the journey she goes on only takes a few hours of normal time but still!)
Anyway, this is a really good series and after a bumpy ride I’m really really impressed with the way things are working out for the Fallen series, Passion was awesome and I cannot wait to get round to Rapture! 
Passion is the third in the Fallen series and was published by Random House in June 2011. My copy was received as a gift from the wonderful Book Angel Emma, thank you!! 


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