Our favourite places to be - bookshops we love in the UK
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Our favourite places to be – bookshops we love across the UK

As a book lover, I definitely have my favourite bookshops. This is something that I’m passing on to Spike too. She definitely has her favourites too. This blog post though is a little bit of a love letter to one of our favourites which we have recently discovered will be closing. Its a Waterstones so wouldn’t usually appear on many favourite bookshop lists as they are normally indies. But it appears on ours.

1. Storyteller’s Inc, Lytham St Anne’s

Our favourite North West indie is definitely Storyteller’s in Lytham St Annes. This bookshop has the best children’s section, complete with its own little den. There are also great adult books, non-fiction and a selection of cards and wrapping paper. Plus, it’s owners Katie and Carolyn are the loveliest of people. They put on events when they can and I’ve had some great memories meeting authors with them.

2. South Kensington Books, London

I stumbled across this bookshop when I was looking for some lunch last year. We were in London and had been to the Natural History Museum for a day out. Its literally just round the corner and when we visited they had an awesome sale on which helped. Its the cosiest store and felt so homely.

3. Daunt books, London

Another in London is Daunt Books. I haven’t been for a while but it was one of the first big indie’s that I managed to visit when I started out as a book blogger back in 2013. It’s such a stunning bookshop and it feels magical as soon as you walk in. With a massive dome over a staircase leading down to even more books I was in awe. Definitely going back there soon!

4. Waterstones Lancaster King Street, Lancaster

This was my second favourite bookshop in the North West. I’ve been to hundreds of Waterstones’ branches over the years, but this one is amazing. I have loved every visit. Spike loved it too. Its 10 minutes from our house and unfortunately it didn’t survive lockdown. It’s been closed down now and Spike actually cried when she found out! We’ll miss the magic of this store so much. We have another in Lancaster though, so at least we still have a bookshop within a 15 minute walk of our house!

5. The Little Apple Bookshop, York

Another homely store, The Little Apple Bookshop was responsible for me losing most of my first year student loan. When I lived in York it was my favourite place to go. I love that theres such a fantastic indie in the city centre, so close to the Minster. I want to go back and take Spike because I know she’ll love it too.

6. Ebb & Flo, Chorley

I couldn’t talk about great bookshops without mentioning the wonderful Ebb & Flo in Chorley. This used to be my local indie before we moved to Lancaster. It has a great feeling and allows the town access to some great events.

7. Foyles Charing Cross, London

Again, not an indie and technically now owned by Waterstones, this bookshop was the bookshop that brought me to London on so many occasions. They always have great events and its such an impressive store. You can literally find anything you want there, including some fantastic imports from the US. US hardbacks are so pretty.

There are so many bookshops on my to-visit list, are there any in your town that you reckon I should visit soon?

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