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Only the Good Spy Young – Ally Carter

*** Please Note that this book is the fourth in the Gallagher Girls series and whilst I have taken every care not to include spoilers, there may be some present for the first three books. ***

“‘Targets acquired, ten o’clock.’
My best friend’s voice was as cool as the wind as it blew off the thames. Her resolve was as solid as the Tower of London’s ancient stone walls that stood twenty feet away. I could see the night getting darker – the lights grow brighter – and my best friend’s confidence was almost contagious. Almost.”

Cammie Morgan is prepared for many scary situations, and the people who have taught her everything she knows are the best in the business when it comes to spies and allies. However now she is told that one of her most trusted allies is a double agent and is part of the cell who are trying to kidnap her, and she doesn’t know what to do with this intel. She may go to the one of the most prestigious spy schools in the world and she may have been told never to trust anyone, but how is she meant to not trust the person who taught her everything she knows? 

I’m getting closer to the end of this fantastic series and I honestly think I am going to cry when its over… just like I almost did reading the end of this one! 
Only the Good Spy Young is quite mature compared to the earlier three books. There is a real element of danger in it, more so than any that has been present before, and I really loved where that took the story. Cammie grows up so much in this book and by the end I was worried about just how much she has changed since the first book and where that is going to take her next. The Circle are after her and she knows she needs to uncover the truth about what that means so in this book she starts where its always best to start… close to home. I loved the introduction of new characters and the reawakening of older ones, and just like the earlier books in the series, I loved the way the entire thing was written!! 
I think I’ve said it before in my earlier reviews but these books are quick and easy to read. I love them all because of this but at the same time I like it when things get a bit more meaty and a bit more serious. That is the direction that this series is going in after the events of Only the Good Spy Young and I think that everything that happens within the story and everything that is divulged about Cammie’s Dad, Mr Soloman and Zach makes this book special. I love that there are individual stories to these books but theres also an overarching plot too and even though its frustrating and I just want to know whats going on, I love that there is more to read. 
Things bugged me a little in this book and I don’t want to dwell on them too much, the plot line can come across as a bit cheesy in places and whilst I understand the reveal about Blackthorne is needed for the story I don’t really like the comparison between it and the Gallagher Academy and the way it kinda suggested goodies and baddies… this was built upon slightly in the story and I get the feeling that the rest of the series will focus on the idea of there not being anyone who is 100% bad or 100% good but I think it was perhaps thrust upon us too quickly and the way that the boys school was bad and the girls is good is a little too generalised for the introduction of this idea. 
I really love this series and one one hand I cant wait to read the remaining two books, but on the other I don’t want it to be over! Ally Carter has a way of writing which grips you and makes you speed-read and thankfully everything is well laid out so you can do this without a real problem! I am even thinking about checking out the Heist Society books when this series is over so I don’t have to have withdrawal form Carter’s writing! 
Only the Good Spy Young was published in May 2011 by Orchard books. My copy was sent to me from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

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