One Seriously Messed Up Week In the Otherwise Mundane and Uneventful Life of Jack Samsonite – Tom Clempson

Seriously. The crap I have written down on these pages is probably the most important stuff you will ever read in your life.”
Meet Jack. Whilst embarking on his English creative writing coursework he decides to fill us in on a week of his life. His usually boring and mundane life suddenly becomes very interesting as he’s set himself some goals. The first two are simple: get a good grade and get the girl. But as the week goes on another goal is added to the list: survive the week without getting head kicked in. Can he do all three by the end of the week or is he going to have to settle with what fate throws his way?

Wow! Awesome! Seriously I agree with the warning at the front of this book, everyone should read it. But trust me, never before have I been happily laughing along with a book and also at the same time thought “omg that is actually bloody disgusting! Ewwww!” 
Jack is hilarious; he’s absolutely the type of guy I would have hung around with at school and in sixth form. He’s not quite in any “group” as such but he knows people in all of them so he can wander to and from them with ease. I think this is why I liked him so much, because I was exactly the same at school. I knew different people in all the little groups and I could easily hang around with the “popular” group one lunchtime and then the “goth” type group the next. Unfortunately I don’t think I was as cool or as intelligent as Jack was but never mind, he was beyond awesome.
The situations he found himself in were hilarious. I honestly found myself giggling away at inconvenient types (you know, at work on your lunch break and the news is on the radio… a young girl died and there you’re trying your hardest not to piss yourself laughing because of what’s going on in the book that people across the room can’t actually see you’re reading… not good!) and I loved it. I have heard the book compared to two things, the first being The Inbetweeners… I can see where this is coming from but I thought Jack to be a LOT less annoying and more game for a laugh than Will! The second was Adrian Mole… now I read Adrian Mole… probably when I was about 13 or 14 so forgive me when I say I can’t remember much about it but I’m pretty sure that I didn’t laugh as hard or groan as loud whilst reading that than I did One Seriously Messed up Week. All in all you could compare it to these two things but honestly… Its better so go read it!
I did find myself in awe of the story. It was brilliant but a little “no-way that’s the kind of thing you see on TV that doesn’t happen in real life,” nothing as eventful as what happened to Jack happened in my school but I guess it does happen at others… maybe my school was just boring! I couldn’t believe where the story went and I don’t want to spoil the story for you but man, what happened was unexpected. I kinda expected Reaper to turn up and be all “hey man, it’s cool!” and Jack to get his girl but I think that’s cos I’m a little too used to happy endings… I should have expected more from the brilliant mind of Tom Clempson (forgive me, it’s his first book and I will expect more from his next!!)
At 400 odd pages I was expecting this book to take me a little while longer than it did. I started it first thing Thursady morning (almost being late for work! Bad move!) And finished it on Friday night… with two days of work and the Wimbledon Semi-finals (no-one mention that Nadal bloke to me again!) in between. I read it surprisingly fast but that’s because the writing flows really easily, the humour keeps you bloody entertained and quite honestly, I couldn’t put it down, I needed to know what was going to happen!!
I also cannot go without mentioning how much I love the title of this book. It had me sold straight away just from that and it saddens me that it is shortened to One Seriously Messed Up Week… but lets face it, I almost run out of breath trying to get through the whole thing! (That doesn’t make it less awesome though!) 
Full of brilliant characters, a great storyline and absolutely hilarious situations involving Jack and his friend in a toilet cubicle picking thorns out of Jacks bum and a nice conversation about whether you wipe your arse sitting down or standing up after you do a dump you really can’t get much more surreal than this book. I seriously want everyone to read it! I have already recommended if to people at work and my friends and family and now I’m urging everyone reading this to go out and get this book. You will not regret it (though you may be slightly repulsed by some bits in it… in a good way!)
One Seriously Messed up Week was published at the beginning of June 2011 by Atom. It is Tom Clempson’s first book. My copy was purchased from Waterstones – unfortunately prior to Tom himself putting hidden treasure in some of the books in that same store! 


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